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1 July 2015

Why I joined

'I have now found the party where I belong'

Jordan Howard, Barking and Dagenham Socialist Party

Growing up in Barking I have experienced first-hand parties from the left and right. But I have now found the party where I belong - the Socialist Party.

Previously I would have described myself as right wing, with the emergence of the BNP in Barking and Dagenham I believed that they were the answer to the problems Britain faced.

I believed the propaganda mainly because there seemed no other party that was challenging the government.

After a few months of being a supporter of the BNP, I started to learn about the Russian revolution and the ideas of communism. To my surprise I shared many beliefs with communism, which made me want to look for a party which had Marxist beliefs.

During secondary school my interest in Marxism grew and so did my confidence to voice my opinion. This allowed me to get more involved in local politics and I realised that Labour is no longer the party for the working class.


During the 2015 general election I came across the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC). After I found out they shared the same beliefs as me, I got in touch and then joined. Through that I met the Socialist Party.

Ever since I was six I have wanted to become a MP in order to change the country, I'm 16 now and the dream of changing things is stronger than ever, that's why I want to stand for TUSC.