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11 May 2016

TUSC announces '20-city tour': the socialist case against the EU

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) has released the initial dates of a 20-city tour it is hosting in May and June under the heading 'The socialist case against the EU'.

Dave Nellist, the chair of TUSC, was a Labour MP until 1992. He was first elected to parliament in 1983 on a Labour Party manifesto that called for exit from the EU, then the European Economic Community.

Dave said: "The experiences of workers in countries like Greece make it even more clear than it was in 1983 that the EU is an 'Employers' Union', acting in the interests of big business against the working class.

"I campaigned in the past alongside labour movement leaders like Tony Benn and Bob Crow against the EU, and I'm proud that TUSC is carrying on that struggle today."

TUSC recently campaigned for the Electoral Commission not to give political authority and substantial taxpayers' resources to the Tory and Ukip-dominated Leave organisations. The response to this confirmed the importance of conducting an independent working class socialist campaign for an exit vote.

We weren't able to convince the Electoral Commission. But the backing for our petition - and the media coverage by what the BBC called our "surprise bid" to be the official campaign - shows a socialist case against the EU can get a hearing.

Now, the TUSC national steering committee has agreed to organise a 20-city tour of TUSC-hosted meetings. There will be speakers from TUSC's constituent organisations - transport union RMT, the Socialist Party and the SWP.

Other trade unions and socialist groups that take a Leave position will join us.

The following dates have been agreed so far

See for details as they are confirmed.

Read more about why workers should vote to leave at