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11 May 2016

TUSC election campaigns show opposition to cuts

Elections took place on 5 May for the Scottish Parliament, the National Assembly for Wales, the Greater London Authority (Mayor and Assembly), and for 124 local authorities in England, including mayoral elections in Bristol, Liverpool and Salford.

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) stood six candidates for constituency seats in the Scottish parliament, three regional lists for the Welsh assembly, candidates for the mayors of Liverpool and Bristol, and 310 local council candidates.

These later comprised of 302 candidates contesting seats in 52 authorities with scheduled elections in May, five candidates standing in byelections in councils without full elections this year, and three TUSC candidates contesting parish council seats.

We won a total of 43,309 votes, with 59 candidates gaining over 5% and TUSC polling over 1,000 votes in ten councils.

TUSC council candidates polled over 1,000 votes in ten councils, led by Sheffield with 3,109 votes, Coventry (3,108), Bristol (2,827 votes for candidates in 16 wards), Liverpool (2,292 votes in 17 wards), Warrington (1,719), Knowsley (1,644), Southampton (1,060), Wakefield (1,044), Salford (1,037) and Plymouth (1,033).

Across the 289 wards contested by TUSC in the scheduled council elections, 13% percent of the total, the mean average vote for TUSC candidates was 3.4%.

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