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11 May 2016

Fourth place for TUSC in Liverpool

The TUSC candidate for the mayor of Liverpool, Unison national executive member Roger Bannister, polled 4,950 votes, a 5.1% share, over 1,400 votes ahead of the Tories. Roger had already beaten Ukip - despite an almost daily presence in the establishment media to boost them, they were unable to find a candidate for mayor in Britain's eighth biggest city.

Seven out of ten electors did not bother to vote, so the mayor received the support of just 15% of the electorate - hardly a ringing endorsement of his endless austerity policies. The mayor's electoral base is nurtured by a largely uncritical media, commendations from the establishment and those who still harbour the illusion that Labour councillors will protect the poor, the elderly and those least able to defend themselves. Little wonder that the missing voters are not inspired to turn out.

TUSC will build on these results and remains determined to fight Tory austerity and unremittingly challenge those councillors who continue to vote for cuts.