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3 May 2007

New Labour panics and resorts to lies

EVEN LABOUR'S newest recruits lie and cheat to secure their seats and that is not just in Whitehall but in Crosland Moor and Netherton ward, where Socialist Party member Ian Slattery is standing for the Save Huddersfield NHS campaign.

New Labour put out a leaflet of slander in which they falsely claim Save NHS councillor Jackie Grunsell voted for cuts in rubbish collection and care services despite having heard her speak against these cuts!

The New Labour candidate, Sarwar, is a former Lib Dem councillor who switched, over a personal difference with other Liberals rather than for political reasons. The Labour material reiterates on every page that "local elections are about local issues" and that "we don't do national politics"! This is from someone who left one party for another one he is ashamed to be identified with!

A supporter of our campaign told Jackie as soon as she received the lying leaflet. Threatened with a story in the local paper, Labour promised to distribute a retraction but as yet nothing has been seen.

Their arrogance knows no limits nor does their drive for power and prestige - a trait common to all capitalist politicians. Jackie was told by the head of the Labour group that this "is politics"! This is the type of thing that turns people off politics.

It is left to socialists and genuine campaigners to lift politics out of the gutter and take it back to the streets and communities that are left without a voice by the arrogant, lying, corrupt big-business parties.

Sarah Sachs-Eldridge