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3 May 2007

Campaigning for LGBT rights

If you believe New Labour propaganda - which most workers saw through years ago - you would think that everything is great for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community.

Greg Randall Socialist Party LGBT caucus

Blair and his supporters within the LGBT community claim that legal reforms, such as civil partnerships, can solve all our problems. But laws aimed against sexism and racism have not ushered in a golden age for women or Black and Asian workers.

The truth is that LGBT people still have to protect themselves from prejudice and bigotry and we can only do this by organising and fighting together. Any reforms we have won were dragged out gradually, often against a grudgingly slow and prevaricating government, by years of campaigning.

Whether it is about safety from physical attack on the streets, not being sacked or discriminated against at work, or defending HIV/AIDS and sexual health services from NHS cuts, words on the statute book will not end discrimination. What is more, there are threats from reactionary politicians pushing "family values" and "morality" agendas, as well as the homophobic BNP and right-wing religious fundamentalists.

The Socialist Party LGBT caucus is meeting on 19 May 2007 to discuss these threats and to build campaigns to defend and extend LGBT rights. We believe that only a socialist society, based on solidarity instead of profit, can guarantee our rights and bring true equality.

Anyone interested in these issues, whether they identify as LGBT or not, is welcome to the meeting. For more details contact Manny on 020 8988 8777 or at