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11 October 2017

Major attacks 'Universal Credit', half a million more face poverty

Even John Major, the Tory former prime minister, thinks his party's 'Universal Credit' welfare system is wrong. The scheme is due to start its roll-out in another 50 districts this month.

Meanwhile another 470,000 people will slip below the poverty line within three years if the Tories don't reverse their welfare freeze.

George Osborne's four-year restraint has further cut benefits in real terms, according to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Major called Universal Credit "operationally messy, socially unfair and unforgiving."

As previously reported in the Socialist, this flimsy excuse for benefit cuts has put almost half of claimants in rent arrears.

Major's hypocritical comments are another salvo in the Conservative Party's war with itself. Kick them out - and scrap Universal Credit. For a mass programme of job creation, and living benefits for all without compulsion!