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8 November 2017

Picturehouse strike: "evil corporations are evil"

Hackney Picturehouse was on strike alongside Crouch End, Ritzy, Dulwich, and Central on Monday 6 November for the London Living Wage, sick and maternity pay and trade union recognition. The dispute has now lasted over a year with the number of strike days adding up to at least one month.

During the strike eight workers have been sacked, including five reps. Little wonder then that one worker commented "evil corporations are evil". Last year Cineworld, the parent company, made over 93 million profit.

According to pickets Picturehouse has not replaced anyone who has recently left - putting more workload on those left behind.

They have done this partly to stop new starters joining the union as an attempt to weaken the union.

One new development which could completely expose Picturehouse to ridicule and embarrassment is that the previously stooge Staff Forum has rebelled, with a Bectu union rep elected as president.

There will now be elections in December for all the executive committee positions and if union supporters win most of these, this would remove the fig leaf that management have been using to prevent trade union recognition, and accepting the workers' demands.

Brian Debus, Hackney Socialist Party