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29 November 2017

Brighton Uni lecturers strike against job cuts

University of Brighton Unison activists

Academic staff at the University of Brighton struck to defend two members of staff threatened with redundancy.

A lunchtime walkout of lecturers on 23 November preceded a full day of action, including at least one striking clown! This followed a magnificent 85% vote in favour of striking against forced redundancies.

The striking members of education union UCU were widely supported by students and members of public service union Unison.

The students' union disgracefully refused to support the strike, but groups of students took this up with public messages of support.

Higher education workers are tired of being told by colossally overpaid vice-chancellors that there is no money for them because the priority is shiny buildings and a 'flexible' workforce.

We want institutions with well-paid and motivated staff, free for all who want it.

UCU members at Brighton will now work to rule. They have planned further action for next week if management does not reverse the redundancy threat.

A national UCU ballot for action against attacks on pensions will run from 6 December till 19 January.