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30 November 2017

Stop press! Victory for health campaigners: Glenfield Children's Heart Centre saved!

Steve Score, chair, Save Glenfield Children's Heart Centre campaign (personal capacity)

The decision by NHS England to drop its proposal to end surgery at the East Midlands Congenital Heart Centre in Leicester is a very welcome victory.

This is a victory for common sense. Glenfield - as we always said - is a brilliant service, popular with patients and families, that achieves excellent outcomes.

But it is also a victory for people power.

Huge numbers of people helped fight to keep the centre open. Thousands attended protests, marches and public meetings, with 130,000 signing a petition. Activists worked hard for the last 18 months or so building support.

The staff have stood firm and worked hard to build the case for keeping the centre. We have had support from a wide range of people including trade unionists, health campaigners and local people generally.

The Socialist Party is especially proud of the role we have played in helping win this battle.

Above all it shows that if we unite and fight, we can overturn unjust attacks on our services and jobs.