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17 January 2018

Socialist Party women's meeting brings together members to share experiences

Mia Hollsing, Caerphilly Socialist Party

The Socialist Party held its annual national women's meeting on 6 January. This was a great opportunity for women members from all over the country to get together to share views and experiences, to build political confidence and to explore issues of particular relevance to women.

The first discussion was on 'Greece and the lessons for fighting austerity in Britain', introduced by Socialist Party executive member Judy Beishon.

Given that it's estimated that women bear 86% of the austerity burden this is an important discussion.

The lessons from the Greek workers' experience can help us work out a programme and strategy to fightback.

After lunch we then had a discussion on '#MeToo, austerity and the fightback against sexism and women's oppression today', introduced by editor of the Socialist Sarah Wrack.

This was a wide ranging discussion which covered, among other things, the #MeToo campaign on social media and how this can be translated into the 'real world', sexual harassment in the workplace and how this can be addressed, domestic violence and the lessons from the Campaign Against Domestic Violence the Socialist Party launched in the 1990s.

We emphasised the need to consider the issues faced by working class women, instead of focusing on only celebrities and their experiences.

We then finished the day by discussing how we can take our work forward among women in the workplace and trade unions, on university campuses and in community campaigns.