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17 January 2018

Southern Socialist Party conference: discussing the way forward in 2018

Nicholas Doyle, Portsmouth Socialist Party

Socialist Party Southern conference on 14 January was well attended by those eager to discuss the way forward in 2018.

The main discussion was what we think will be the major developments of 2018, introduced by Socialist Party executive committee member Rob Williams.

Rob pointed out that since 2015 referendums and elections have gone the wrong way for the Tories and the ruling class.

Theresa May has so little authority that she can't even carry out a meaningful cabinet reshuffle.

Rob also pointed out that in 2017 we saw a strike wave which shows the anger at the biggest cut in living standards since the Napoleonic wars.

The recent Communication Workers' Union (CWU) strike ballot at Royal Mail, with turnout higher than the 50% threshold needed, shows what is possible.

Contributions from the floor focused on the NHS and the Labour Party. The main points being the sheer level of the crisis facing the NHS through privatisation and cuts.

In the afternoon the conference split into three workshops on finance and party building, the trade unions, and youth and students work.

The conference was closed with a report of the work of the Committee for a Workers' International and the election of the Southern regional committee. Members go back to their branches ready for the struggles in 2018!