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31 January 2018

Presidents Club sexism scandal: what you thought

That the statement from events agency 'Artista' questions the sexual harassment of its employees due to the "calibre" of the men present is beyond words. The power imbalances, warped values and inequality at the core of capitalist society led directly to the Presidents Club groping scandal.

Helen O'Connor, Croydon, south London

A Labour peer, a Tory MP, and Bolton University's vice-chancellor... What do they all have in common? They are sexist and disgusting.

Helen Pattison, Leytonstone, east London

Disturbing reading re sexism and sexual harassment at so-called charitable events - men only. By the way, the organisers were willing to spend over 22 grand.

Amalia, Tower Hamlets

The uproar about the sexist nature of the Presidents Club event is totally justified. But there is another important point of principle - why NHS facilities like the two children's hospitals which returned Presidents Club money are dependent on charitable donations.

Roger Bannister, Liverpool