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19 June 2019

Them & Us

Move along

In a blow to the supposed benefits of privatisation, research by the Office for National Statistics shows that public sector workers are more likely to stay in their jobs.

But in the care sector - where average pay is only 7.82 an hour according to website Pay Scale - one third are leaving the vital job every single year.

Nursery cuts and lack of leave

Nurseries in poor areas are closing twice as fast as those in rich parts of the country, according to early education and childcare researchers Ceeda. They reveal there is a 50 million funding shortfall.

And the pain for parents doesn't stop there. Among richer countries, the UK is one of the worst for parental leave.

One of the only countries the UK beats is the US, where fully paid leave guaranteed to mothers is zero weeks.

Mental health provision stretched

Outgoing and hated prime minister Theresa May has told teachers they will be trained to spot mental health problems among children.

But this announcement comes without a drop of extra funding. And education unions, representing overworked and underpaid teachers, have not been consulted.

Thanks to government cuts, a survey of mental health workers in public sector union Unison found that 45% are thinking of leaving their jobs. And 15% of NHS beds for mental health patients in England have gone.

People are sick of the cuts. On all these issues - from jobs and pay, to childcare, leave and mental health - the unions and Jeremy Corbyn should organise mass action to end austerity and fight for the services we need.