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14 August 2019

Boot out Boris and all the Tory toffs - fight for socialist policies for the 99% not the 0.1%

Paula Mitchell, London Socialist Party secretary

What should be done when the Tories are in historic crisis?

When a maverick, right-wing populist is elected prime minister by a tiny number of aging 'Little Englanders'?

Eton-educated Tory toff Boris Johnson, sitting atop a crisis-ridden, divided Tory party, is obviously preparing for a general election.

There are populist promises such as money for adult social care and a declaration on paying the London living wage, at the same time as proposals for tax cuts for the big corporations.

The Tories are divided like never before. To try to stop Johnson crashing the UK out of the EU on 31 October with no deal, several remainer Tory MPs say they are prepared to vote against him in a vote of no confidence.

Big business, most of which wants to stay in the EU in order to maximise profit-making and exploitation with as few barriers as possible, has no party reliably representing its interests.

What should be done? The workers' movement should seize the moment and fight like the blazes for a Corbyn-led Labour government with socialist policies! Drive out these rotten representatives of the rich and fight for a government in the interests of working-class people.