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9 February 2006

Campaign for a New Workers' Party

Following the RMT conference on working-class representation supporters of the campaign for a new workers' party are now looking towards the conference on 19 March.

This conference will be an opportunity to discuss how to take forward the campaign and plan the next steps. Updates on the agenda and speakers will be on the CNWP website

New signatories this week include (all in a personal capacity):

Campaign for a New Workers' Party

National Conference

Sunday 19 March 2006, University of London Union, Malet Street, London WC1

Local launch meetings coming up


23 February 7.30pm

320 Brixton Road, Brixton, London SW9

Speakers include: Ian Page, Lewisham Socialist

Party councillor, Rob MacDonald, President

Lambeth College students' union.

23 February 7:30pm

William Morris Centre, Walthamstow.

25 February 2pm

Goldsmiths College, Room MB2106, Lewisham Way.

1 March 7.30pm

Charterhouse-in-Southwark, 40 Tabard Street (near Borough tube).


4 February 1pm

SADACCA Club, The Wicker, Sheffield.


16 February 7:30pm

Unitarian Church, High Street, Swansea.

Speakers include: Gloria Tanner (PCS), Rob Williams (TGWU convenor, Visteon), Sarah Mayo (PCS) - all speakers in personal capacity.

For more information on the Campaign for a New Workers' Party, go to

email [email protected] or write to CNWP, PO Box 858, London E11 1YG.

Socialist Party pamphlet now online: Join the campaign for a new workers' Party

1 or 2.50 for 5. Cheques made payable to Socialist Publications at PO Box 24697, London, E11 1YD. Buy the pamphlet (no bulk discount online)