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14 October 2009

University staff forced to strike

A member of staff in the Art, Media and Design Department of London Met University spoke to The Socialist about the campaign of strike action against cuts they are involved in:

"The unions have tried to get management to sit down and listen to rational arguments but time and again meetings are suddenly cancelled - a prime example of that was today (12 October). You would think that three days before an all-out strike, management would want to sit down and talk but they cancelled a meeting with the unions this afternoon. The unions have even proposed taking the dispute over job cuts to ACAS which management have rejected. I think that speaks volumes about the 'attitude' of this management.

"Staff do not want to strike - it is the last thing we want to do, especially after the bad press our university has suffered over the last few months but we really do feel we have no other option. Unison has also had an overwhelming 71% vote in favour of taking strike action.

"We appreciate the massive disruption this will cause to our students but we are trying to save their university and strike action seems to be the only thing this management will listen to."