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10 March 2010

ANTI-AFGHANISTAN war campaigner Joe Glenton, a Lance-Corporal in the logistics corps, was found guilty of going absent without leave at a court martial and jailed for nine months.

Since serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2007 Joe has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder by a civilian psychiatrist.

His mother Sue Glenton said: "I am extremely angry. The court barely paid lip service to justice. The judge clearly didn't listen to the arguments or if she did she ignored them. The lawyers are considering an appeal. The Ministry of Defence will be hearing a lot more from me."

Joe's trial coincided with Gordon Brown giving a 'robust defence' of the government's launching of the disastrous Iraq war at the Chilcot Inquiry. Along with former prime minister Tony Blair, Brown's backing for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars has led to the deaths of thousands of civilians and troops and torn both countries apart.