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22 November 2002

Why Capitalism Brings Famine

THE UNITED Nations says that 30 million Africans are facing starvation. That's three times as many at risk as in 1984 when the Live Aid famine relief appeal was launched

22 November 2002

Top-Up Fees - Build A Mass Movement Of Action

NEW LABOUR'S ministers clearly intend to increase the cost of university education. Higher education minister Margaret Hodge says that students could pay as much as 15,000 for a three-year degree, writes Kieran Roberts.

6 December 2002

Firefighters Must Stand Firm

THE DECISION by the FBU executive to cancel their next eight-day strike and to enter discussions with ACAS has been seized on by the right-wing press, writes For the full 30k without strings.

17 January 2003

The Great British Wage Theft

TONY BLAIR and Gordon Brown have warned the unions that wage increases could wreck the economy

10 January 2003

Economic crisis, war, attacks on public services

IF TONY Blair has been studying the opinion polls, then he won't be expecting a happy New Year. Whether it's on the state of the economy, public services or war against Iraq - opposition to New Labour's

10 January 2003

No to war with Iraq

The US is set to increase the number of its troops in the Middle East to 150,000, stepping up preparations for a war against Iraq while, as yet, the UN inspectors have uncovered no evidence of weapons of mass destruction, writes Ken Douglas.

22 November 2002

ISR - Fighting For Socialist Change

The past year has seen hundreds of thousands of young people take to the streets alongside other workers and trade unionists across the world, writes Clare James.

6 December 2002

Stop This War For Oil

GORDON BROWN, Chancellor of the Exchequer, in his budget statement set aside 1 billion to wage war on Iraq. Some analysts put the true cost of war at 5 billion

17 January 2003

Stop the War Coalition conference

AS THE US and Britain begin to mass their forces on the borders of Iraq, the Stop the War Coalition held its national conference on 11 January

10 January 2003

World Economy: The Crisis Deepens

TONY BLAIR'S gloomy New Year forecast of 'war, terrorism and a faltering world economy' is a ringing indictment of the capitalist system he supports. He concedes that resolving this "insecurity" depends on his government's policies.
But as HANNAH SELL, BILL MULLINS, JANE JAMES and DAVE CARR show in the following articles, Blair and the ruling classes of the major powers are instead driving the world to disaster.
Only a socialist alternative can avert Blair's doom laden scenario.

13 December 2002

Blair's War on Public services

Fire, Education, NHS...: TONY BLAIR says that his government faces its "most testing time" yet. He knows he's on a collision course with the trade unions - and with most people in Britain - over his plans to dismantle public

13 December 2002

The Sleazy Blairs

CHERIE BLAIR has had to admit that the Blairs hired a conman to help them buy two flats in Bristol, cut-price, for their son Euan who was studying at University

13 December 2002

For A Socialist Alternative To War

IRAQ HAS produced a 12,000 page document to the UN denying that it has any weapons of mass destruction

8 February 2017

NHS: fight for funding - not passport checks

Right-wing politicians and newspapers are trying to blame the austerity and privatisation-induced NHS crisis on so-called 'health tourists'. The Socialist spoke to Aislinn Macklin-Doherty, a doctor involved in last year's strikes.

8 February 2017

SNP and Greens agree cuts budget in Scotland

TUSC and unions call for legal no-cuts budgets: A Scottish National Party (SNP) government austerity budget passed in Scotland on 2 February with the support of the Scottish Greens.

8 February 2017

Universal basic income - what do socialists say?

The idea of welfare benefits being replaced by a 'universal basic income' (UBI) has resurfaced in recent years - a welcome discussion because it raises the fundamental right of everyone to have an income that meets their basic needs. Exact proposals vary but they are all based on the idea of everyone in society receiving an unconditional, tax-free, regular payment, regardless of whether they are working or the composition of their household.

13 December 2002

Partnerships Bill: End All Discriminatory Laws

FOR YEARS gay rights campaigners have been calling for lesbian and gay couples to be able to register their partnerships, writes Greg Randall.

13 December 2002

Tolerating prostitution?

MSP MARGO McDonald's controversial Bill to create "Tolerance Zones" for prostitutes in Scotland has divided politicians, councils and women's organisations across Scotland, writes Sinead Daly.

6 February 2017

Southern dispute: Aslef members must reject offer

In an attempt to end the long-running, bitter dispute against driver only operation, Southern Rail has made an offer to drivers in Aslef

1 February 2017

Fight for our health service!

Join the 4 March demo: We're seeing almost daily headlines announcing the NHS is in crisis.

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Socialist Party on anti-war demonstration in 2005. Photo, Alison Hill

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