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1 November 2002

Editorial: Firefighters Must Fight For The Full Claim - With No Strings

NOT FOR many years have the preparations for a strike been so closely followed by the media, government, employers and trade unionists

6 December 2002

Stop Funding Blair: Time for a new workers' party

ON PICKET lines all over the country firefighters have been asking why the unions continue to finance New Labour, writes Christine Thomas.

1 November 2002

Socialism 2002 - An Inspiring Weekend

Steve Godward, a Birmingham firefighter introduced the opening rally with a resounding call to support the firefighters' strike action

29 November 2002

Liar Blair!

TONY BLAIR is waging war on the firefighters. He's refusing to finance their wage claim but his arguments are backed up by lies:, writes Lie No 1 - The firefighters' claim will wreck the economy.

11 February 2017

60 Years After Beveridge Welfare reform - back to the future?

THE BEVERIDGE Report advocated full employment and the creation of a welfare state. It was 1942 and the second world war had raised workers' expectations of a better future. Thousands had died and those

29 November 2002

No Fees: Fight for free education

THE NATIONAL Union of Students (NUS) demonstration on 4 December will show the anger of students at New Labour policies to make them pay even more for education, writes Colin Wray, Sheffield University.

29 November 2002

Recession Hits The Capitalist System

NOT LONG ago, Chancellor Gordon Brown suggested that Britain could be isolated from the problems of the world economy, writes Kevin Parslow.

8 November 2002

Fight Poverty Pay

THE FIREFIGHTERS have postponed their action for the moment but there is no let-up in the struggles against low pay, writes Bill Mullins.

15 November 2002

Support the Firefighters

THE GLOVES are off in the FBU's battle with the government for decent pay, writes Bill Mullins.

8 November 2002

No To War With Iraq

31 October thousands say...: FOUR THOUSAND protesters marched to 10 Downing St on 31 October as tens of thousands staged demonstrations across the country against war with Iraq, writes Ken Douglas.

15 November 2002

Build The Anti-War Movement

MANY as one million people took to the streets of Florence, Italy, on 9 November to show their opposition to war on Iraq

8 November 2002

Top-Up Fees Will Increase Society's Class Divisions

IMPERIAL COLLEGE London plans to introduce top-up fees. That highlights the growing divide within the education system. At present all universities charge 1,050 a year - a rate set by the government, writes Colin Wray.

17 January 2003

Wage War On Low Pay: Support the firefighters

BLAIR IS preparing to wage war in Iraq and at home. While resisting the firefighters' wholly justified pay claim he is preparing to spend up to 5 billion on sending troops to invade Iraq, writes Bill Mullins.

17 January 2003

No To Bush And Blair's War

There are only five weeks to go until the national demonstration on 15 February against war on Iraq, called by Stop the War Coalition, writes Clare James, ISR-Youth Against the War representative on Stop the War Coalition steering committee.

15 November 2002

Asylum Laws: Blunkett's Vicious New Restrictions

HOME SECRETARY David Blunkett has added vicious new proposals to the government's Asylum Bill, causing a rare rebellion by New Labour backbenchers, writes Naomi Byron.

8 November 2002

Building The Action Against The War

FOLLOWING ON from the massive 400,000 strong anti-war demonstration of 28 September, the Stop the War Coalition called for a day of action against war with Iraq on 31 October

17 January 2003

War On Iraq: The Pressures Grow

THE ARK Royal sailed off to the Gulf last weekend as part of a build-up of troops, warships and armaments in readiness for a war with Iraq

22 November 2002

Firefighters - Their Fight Is Our Fight

FIREFIGHTERS HAVE won widespread support in their struggle for higher pay. Workers understand that Tony Blair has taken on the firefighters to try and 'teach a lesson' to others in the public sector

22 November 2002

Firefighters - A Decisive Struggle

NOT SINCE the miners' strike has there been such an important struggle as the national firefighters' strike for decent pay

8 November 2002

Rob Williams - Standing For Socialism

Socialist Party Wales has selected Rob Williams to stand in the Aberavon constituency for the Welsh assembly elections 2003

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Socialist Party on anti-war demonstration in 2005. Photo, Alison Hill

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