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1 December 2021

Argentine elections see deepening polarisation

On 14 November, elections took place in Argentina in which the Peronist government led by President Alberto FernŠndez was the main loser

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1 December 2021

Housing campaigners protest CEO champagners

On 25 November, bloated CEOs, senior managers and their hangers-on in the social housing industry attended their annual shindig

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24 November 2021

Tesco warehouse workers ballot for strike action

The shop and distribution workers' union Usdaw is carrying out strike ballots at nine Tesco depots over pay

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24 November 2021

Support uni workers' walk-out on pay and pensions

on 1 December, UCU members at 54 universities will strike for three days

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24 November 2021

Workers' action can defeat weak and divided Tories

The 'levelling up' fantasy is being exposed as a farce, and fearful Tory MPs are in revolt. Now is the time, when the Tories are so weak, divided and floundering, for workers to get organised, and for the trade union leaders to go on the offensive

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24 November 2021

Historic victory of India's farmers

On 19 November, India's PM Narendra Modi announced the repeal of the three farm bills

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24 November 2021

Socialism 2021: A steely determination to change society

Last year, Socialism2020 was 'virtual'. This year, around 400 met in person, with a similar number joining online.

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24 November 2021

The struggle for accessible workplaces and an inclusive society

The pandemic has shown the possibility for flexible work and greater independence for workers. By allowing workers to carry out their roles from home, all kinds of accessibility barriers can be removed,

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24 November 2021

Chartism: The world's first working-class movement

In the first of an occasional series on the history of working-class struggle in Britain, Scott Jones looks at the world's first working-class mass movement, the Chartists.

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24 November 2021

Sage care home workers' pay victory

Sage care home workers in Golders Green, north London have won an 11% pay rise to at least £11.05 an hour following strike action

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24 November 2021

Panasonic workers strike against pay freeze

About 100 workers at Panasonic's factory in Cardiff took their second day of strike action on 22 November for a decent pay rise

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24 November 2021

HS2 eastern route cancelled: Fight for a workers' plan for public transport

In an announcement that surprised no-one on 18 November, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced that the eastern route of HS2 from Birmingham to Leeds would be cancelled

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24 November 2021

Tories responsible for NHS staff shortages

Health secretary Sajid Javid has announced that vaccinations will be made mandatory for health service workers in England by the spring.

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17 November 2021

Tory sleaze scandal continues, an ex-workers' MP responds

Parliament has been in turmoil surrounding Tory MP Owen Paterson's rule-breaking lobbying

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17 November 2021

Cuts drag NHS to brink

Massively increase funding; Kick out the profiteers;
15% pay rise now!

The NHS Confederation, a body which brings together senior managers in the health service, has said the NHS is "at tipping point". But these bureaucrats are out of touch: the collapse has already begun.

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17 November 2021

NHS workers must take action now to save our NHS

For many years the Tories have chipped away at the NHS, breaking off chunks to sell and pushing this vital public service to its breaking point

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17 November 2021

Outsourced Barts health workers in strike ballot for a pay rise

Nearly 600 health workers employed at Bart's health trust, including Royal London, Whipps Cross and St

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17 November 2021

Health and care staff shortages worsened by Tory vaccine sacking threat

To add fuel to the fire of the staffing crisis in social care, the government's punitive 'no jab, no job policy' has now come into effect in England.

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17 November 2021

London MPs' second home swindle while workers and students struggle

Fourteen London MPs are renting out their homes in London in order to claim rent on their parliamentary expenses

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17 November 2021

Clarks workers fight 'fire-and-rehire' pay cut

Around 500 people gathered on the picket line of the Clarks distribution centre in Street, Somerset to show their support for the workers on an indefinite strike over the despicable 'fire-and-rehire' tactic being used by LionRock Capital, a situation that could see workers who have worked for Clar

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