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This is a brief A - Z selection of some feature articles carried in The Socialist newspaper. There's more on this site, and much more carried in the pages of The Socialist 

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15 February 2003 mass anti-war demo: Where Do We Go From Here?

Feb 15 2003: The day that made history

2004 - A New Year Of Political Struggle

2002: Capitalist Crisis - Workers' Struggles

1970ís Militancy: When Workers Showed their Discontent 

2001 - a year of Workers' reawakening

Abortion: For A Real Right To Choose

Afghanistan: 50,000 March To End The War

Afghanistan leaves conflict and chaos, War in 

Africa: Crisis in Africa: How imperialism condemns millions to poverty

Africa, Imperialism Impoverishes 

Africa's Forgotten Wars

Agenda For Change, Throw Out Now!

Aids: World Aids Day: Warning: Drug Giants Can Seriously Damage Your Health

Aids: World Aids Day

al-qa'ida: US imperialism's  legacy

Algeria: Peace in Algeria?

Alternative To New Labour? , A New 

Amicus, Political Fund & New Labour

Animal rights: Labour's new threat to campaigners

Animal Rights: Huntingdon Life Sciences

Anti-bin tax campaign: A Decisive Stage In The Struggle 

Anti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs) A socialist approach

Anti-war: Did The Anti-War Movement Fail?

Anti-war: Feb 15: The day that made history

Anti-War Movement, Build The 

Anti-War Movement Needs A New Party, Why The 

Anti-War Protest - A Defining Moment

Anti-war Step Up Action Against This Bloody War

Anti-war Where Next For The Anti-War Movement?

Arafat, Yasser, Obituary

Arafat And The Palestinian Struggle

Argentina: Mass Protests Threaten Ruling Class

Arms Trade: Universities and the arms trade

ASBOs: Anti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs) A socialist approach

Asylum seekers: Blunkett's harsh policies ignore reality

Anti-war Millions Worldwide Say 'End The Occupation' 20 March

Asian earthquake: political manoeuvres begin

Asylum: Defend Asylum Rights

Asylum: Expose Asylum Lies

Asylum Seekers Kept In Squalor

Asylum - Labour and Tories up the stakes

Asylum seekers: New Labour and Asylum -- Donít fall for divide and rule -- facts not myths

Austria Alert! - Main feature. Austrian workersí heroic anti-fascist past. Editorial: What We Think: Haiderís Threat

Bali: No To War And Terror

Bali: Australians say "no military solution"

Balkan tinderbox

Balkans: Rebuilding Afghanistan? Lessons of the Balkans Conflict 

Beslan: What Lies Behind The Terror

Big Business: Is War Good For Business?

Black and British: Being Black and British

Blairís last election

Blair: Reduced majority takes shine off Blair's third term

Blair See Out A Third Term? Can

Blair's election strategy

Blair's head still spinning

Blair's Lies Sow Divisions At Top

Blunkett's White Paper Reinforces Racism

BNP: a party with no solutions

BNP: Stop the neo-Nazi BNP

BNP: Fighting The BNP's Racist Lies

Bolivia: Morales takes on 'Big Oil'

Bolivia: Insurrectionary Movement

Bolivia : Uprising By Workers And Poor Forces Out President

BP Protest - no blood for oil

Bradford: Racist Match That Sparked Growing Anger

Brazil: Eye witness: Brazil: Hundreds killed by brutal military police

Brazil: Successful Socialismo Revolucionario congress

Brazil's growing crisis

Brazil - Movement For A New Workers' Party Is Launched

Brazil: Eyewitness: Brazil: 'War' erupts in So Paulo

Brazil: Interview with Brazilian Trade Unionist

Brazil: "We Will Stop The Country"

Brazil: Will The Workers' Party Live Up To Its Name?

Britainís Growing Discontent

British economy: not that healthy

Brown, Gordon, is no alternative

Brown, Gordon: Waiting for Gordon

Brown bashes low-paid workers

Brown's Jobs Cull - Unions Must Strike Back

Brussels demos: Marching Against Capitalism And War

BSE: A socialist programme for the food industry

Budget: After the drought, a few drops of rain

Bush presidency goes into freefall

Bush lashed over hurricane

Bush, George W, and 'democratic revolutions'

Bush's second-term offensive, Can he be defeated?

Bush win, Big events will shake

Bush: Anti-Bush Protest UK reports

Bush, George W: Debunking Bush's Lies

Bush: George W reignites environmental anger

Bush Gives Green Light To Sharon

Campaign for a new workers' party

Capitalism: Fighting a failing system

Capitalism, Change The System

Capitalism Is A Bankrupt System

Change the world? How can we

Che Guevara - Revolutionary Fighter

Chernobyl: 20 years after : Is Blair leading Britain to nuclear catastrophe?

Child protection?, What future for 

Childcare Strategy, Wanted: A Real

Chile: Lessons Of Chile 1970-73

Chile's Workers Battle Against Neo-Liberalism

Chile: September 1973: Lessons Of Chile

China - new 'great power' or new revolution?

China: Bush's China Syndrome

China: After Zhao's death, where is China heading?

Climate change: Can we save  planet?

Coffee: Capitalism's Bitter Coffee

Columbia: effects of Uribeís education cuts

Colombia, Fight For Trade Union Rights In 

Committee for a Workers' International: CWI European School report

Commodities: Capitalism's Bitter Coffee

Congestion charges

Construction Industry: Killing Fields

Corus, Save steel jobs - nationalise Corus

Council housing! - Fight to save our

Council Housing: Defend Council housing

Council Housing Under Attack

Council Tax - Unfair & Regressive

Coventry council - no to the 'single status' deal

Coventry Socialists: Standing Up for Working Class Communities

Coventry Residents Insist: "You Won't Destroy Our Community"

Crime and anti-social behaviour

Crime: Labour's Crime Policies Won't Work

Cuba At A Crossroads

Cuban missile crisis 1962 

Currencies: World Currencies - Turbulent Times Ahead?

CWI - Building Socialism Worldwide

Day X: Millions walkout against war

Deaf people: Tackling Deaf Peopleís Oppression

Democracy: Is Democracy Dying Out? How do socialists view democracy? -- The struggle for workers rights in Britain

Democratic rights, New Labour - guilty of destroying

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence: Don't Let New Labour Renege On Their Pledges

Dot Coms: Are the dotcoms deadcoms?

Dreaming War by Gore Vidal Review

Drugs: New Labour's drugs policies don't work

Earth Summit: Capitalism is Unsustainable

East Germany: When the Workers rose Up Against Stalinism

Economics: Will There Be A Recovery?

Economy: Britain's so-called 'booming economy'

Education: Good quality schools for all

Education under attack: reports

Education: Labour's failed all tests

Education Global attack on higher education

Education: No to Blair's academies: Education for the millions, not the millionaires

Education: Fight Blair's 'market forces' solution

Education - Labour's Year Zero

E=mc2 - How Einstein changed our understanding of the universe

Eleanor Marx

Election Feature, 2005

Elections 2000 - including Labourís meltdown is Left opportunity

Elections: Socialist Party candidate sees off the two Tory parties

Electoral agreement in Greenwich and Lewisham

Environment: Can Socialism Save the Planet?

Equal pay: On the threshold of genderquake?

ESF: see European Social Forum

EU: Summit rows intensify EU crisis

EU constitution defeated

EU: Bosses' Club Agrees Constitution

EU Enlargement Benefits Bosses

EU: No to a bosses' Europe: Fight for workers' unity

Euro: A blow to the Euro

Euro - Workers Will Pay The Price

Euro debate: Independent workers' struggle needed

Europe: Bosses Want Deregulation - Workers Need Organisation

European Social Forum

Capitalism Condemned But Where's The Alternative?

Under the slogan 'Another world is possible' up to 20,000 anti-war activists and anti-globalisation campaigners from across Europe converged on London last week.

A Socialist World Is Possible

European Social Forum: A Socialist Guide

Did The Anti-War Movement Fail?

How a Socialist Economy would Work

ESF: A Socialist Guide

EU: Summit rows intensify EU crisis

Europe: Shift To The Far Right?

European Social Forum

Famine, Why Capitalism Brings 

Far Right: Who Are The Far Right?

Fascists: Unity To Drive Out Fascists

Fat Cats: What to do about the 'fat cats?

FBU conference: Time To Break The Link With New Labour

Fees: Mass Action To Defeat Fees

Fees Headache For New Labour

Feminism, Reclaiming ?

Fighting a failing system

Financial Scandals, Behind The 

Firefighters Stand Up To Labour

Firefighters: It Didn't Have To Be Like This

Football: Kick big business out of football

Foundation Hospitals destroy NHS

'Free market' threat to schools

Forty Years Celebration marking the 40th anniversary of the Militant newspaper's first appearance.

The Collapse Of Stalinism

Lessons Of Chile 1970-73

Forty Years of Fighting For Socialism

France: Mass struggle forces government retreat

France - Millions march for job security

France: 24-hour general strike in the making

France: Feature: Millions Strike Against The Raffarin Government

France: How The Movement Was Built From Below

French elections: Raffarin's 'Reforms' Decisively Rejected

French Government's Divisive Ban On Headscarves

Support the firefighters

France: Divisive Ban On Headscarves

Foundation Hospitals, No To 

Fuel Crisis: A Turning Point in Britain

G8: Millions demand an end to poverty

G8: Make poverty history

G8 Summit: Protesting Against Imperialism And Its Corporate Agenda

Galloway election victory shocks Blair

Galloway on 'Popular Unity' Road

Galloway, George: Anti-War Campaigner Smeared

Gay rights: Pride not profit and Rebuild Pride's Fighting Traditions

Gaza: Will pull-out lead to 'peace'?

Gaza: Sharon's Scorched Earth Policy

Gender politics: On the threshold of genderquake?

General election 2005 - main parties offer no solution

General Election 2001: Left challenge gets creditable election results

Genetic engineering: Science And Big Business

Genetics: Your Genes in capitalismís hands and Mapping the stuff of life

Genoa Anti-G8 protest, July 2001: The Aftermath of Genoa

Genoa: After Genoa - what way forward?

George Galloway: Anti-War Campaigner Smeared

Germany: 35,000 public-sector workers strike

Germany: Grand coalition against workers

Germany Massive gains for Left

Germany: new left challenge

German Walkout Starts Fightback

Germany: Turmoil after elections

Germany: Socialist Alternative Win

Germany: Anger, Bitterness And Increasing Opposition

Germany: 'This Policy Deserves No Applause - But Resistance'

Germany: Anti-nuclear protests

Germany: workers punish SchrŲder

Gershon's "Cunning Plan" For The Public Sector

Global Capitalism, The horrors of 

Global Warming? An Alternative to

Global warming: Capitalism Puts Planet At Risk

Globalisation: Fight Global Capitalism

Greece: Workers & Bosses Collision Course

Greens: How red are the Greens?

Greens: European Greens Unite - But Are They A Radical Alternative?

Green Party - A serious Left alternative?

Guevara, Che  - Revolutionary Fighter

Gujurat earthquake - No 'natural' disaster

Gulf War - Creating A New World Disorder

Gulf War: Much blood for oil

Gun Crime - Fact And Fiction

Gunpowder Plot:17th C terrorism

Hackney: Council workers back anti-cuts candidate

Haiti: A History Of Struggle

Haiti: Mass Protests Against Autocratic Rule

Hatfield disaster: bosses walk free

Heathrow strikes 2005: The truth behind Heathrow strikes

Hijab: French Government's Divisive Ban On Headscarves

Hiroshima Nuclear proliferation

Holy Cross: Working Class Must Unite Against Sectarianism

Homophobia: Make Homophobia and Capitalism History!

Housing: 40 years after 'Cathy Come Home': The housing scandal

Housing: Workers Priced Out By Housing Crisis

Housing and the Homeless

How Capitalism Rips Off The Working Class

Human rights: Bush's Human Rights Hypocrisy

Hurricane Katrina exposes Bush's rotten capitalist system

Hutton Inquiry: A can of worms for Blair

ID Cards - Working Class People Will Pay The Price

Immigration: Howard's desperate, hypocritical policy

Immigration: Fact And Fiction

Imperialism Impoverishes Africa

Imperialist War, Opposing 

Imperialism - Wars Without End

Incapacity: Labour hits poor

India: Tsunami: A disaster made worse by poverty

India: Massive General Strike Against Privatisation

India - 50 years of a failed ďrepublicĒ report and analysis from India

Indonesia: Terrorism And State Terrorism

International Women's Day 2005

International Women's Day 2003 No To War! Fight For Women's Rights And Socialism

International Women's day 2002

International Socialism, Why We Need 

IRA: Why the IRA campaign failed

IRA Decomissioned, Why The

Iran - Will the US bomb Iran?

Iranian elections: Hardliner's victory stuns Western leaders

Iran 1978-79: A Revolution Stolen From The Working Class

Iraq - anger at brutal occupation

Iraq occupation: 'Constitution' is no exit route for Bush and Blair

Iraq: 'Elections' can't hide deepening crisis

Iraq: Nothing resolved by Iraqi elections

Iraq: Occupation and resistance

Iraq - Withdraw Troops

Iraq: Imperialism's Plans Going Up In Smoke

Iraq, Resistance in

Iraq War: The Guilty Men

Iraq: Turning Point In

Iraq: A Web Of Lies From Day One

Iraq After Saddam (prospects)

Iraq: Chaos Of Imperialist Occupation

Iraq - Imperialism's Grim Legacy

Iraq: Imperialism's Quagmire

Iraq: It's Occupation Not Liberation

Iraq: Who's Winning the War of Occupation?

Iraq: Rebuilding In Uncle Sam's Image?

Iraq War: Blood For Oil

Iraq War Continues To Haunt Blair

Iraq bombing - US imperialism flexes its muscles

Irish election: Socialist Party Scores Spectacular Successes

Ireland: Why 'peace process' continues to flounder

Ireland: Failure of sectarian politics

Israel/Palestine: Sharon Opens The "Gates Of Hell"

Israel/Palestine: Cracks In Sharon's Camp

Israel/Palestine: What's behind The 'Ceasefire'?

Israel/Palestine: What Way Out Of The "Bloody Trap"?

Israel's Governing Coalition Splits

Israel/Palestine: 'Road Map' Will Not Bring Peace

Israel/Palestine Conflict, No Capitalist Solution To 

Israeli election: A new period of insecurity

Israeli Government: One Big disaster

Israel/Palestine: Who Can Live Like This? Who Can Die Like This?

Israel/Palestine: A war by any other name

Israel/Palestine: Imperialism's Bitter Fruit

Israel's Re-Occupation Doomed

Italian general election

Italy - Mass Struggle And The Left

Italy: Direct Action Against War

Italy: 13 million Italian general strike

Italy: Biggest Demo In History Engulfs Rome

Ivory Coast: new occupation


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