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The Socialist 7 September 2001

TUC Must Put Words Into Action: Stop The Private Profiteers! -- End The Bosses' Pay Spree  -- Argentina: No Light At The End Of The Tunnel  -- Profits Bonanza But Education In Crisis -- Asylum: The world on the move  Editorial: Expose Asylum Lies Report from Australia: Refugees Are John Howard's Scapegoats  -- To get the full story Subscribe!

The Socialist 31 August 2001

Labour Fails The Education Test: EVEN BEFORE the new academic year starts next week, a crisis is gripping the education system. --  International: Macedonia's Impending Civil War.  --  Feature: Asylum Seekers Kept In Squalor.  --  Also Socialism 2001, a weekend of discussion and debate organised by the Socialist Party. 

The Socialist 24 August 2001

Fighting For Decent Pay And Union Rights -- Unite And Fight Racism -- Northern Ireland: Workers Must Challenge The Bigots -- Israel's Grim Realities -- Irish Union's Democracy Under Attack --  Police Mobilise To Protect Fascist 'Festival' -- Reinstate Noah Tucker

The Socialist 10 August 2001 Bosses coin it as recession looms:  Sack the Fat Cats,  Not the Workers Manufacturing in Britain is now officially in recession.  The Aftermath of Genoa: Hundreds of thousands of anti-capitalists and socialists demonstrated in Genoa from 19-21 July. Many protesters were angry at the police’s vicious, provocative behaviour.
The Socialist 27 July 2001 After The Genoa Protests: Step Up The Fight Against Capitalism --  After Genoa - what way forward? --  Genoa reports: On the march against capitalism  --  Also: We need a decent minimum wage  -- Stop police killings --  To get the full story Subscribe!
The Socialist 20 July 2001 Step Up the struggle against capitalism: Fight for a Socialist World  WHY ARE hundreds of thousands of people demonstrating in Genoa this weekend against the G8 group of world capitalist leaders? Build the Anti-capitalist movement: The Socialist Alternative.  Merseyside fierfighters show their strength.
The Socialist 13 July 2001 Unite Against Racism: Police tactics spark Bradford riots  Exclusive eye-witness reports -- Racism: Oppose The Bosses' Divide And Rule -- Lilley The Pinko? Tory calls for legalisation of cannabis -- Solidarity with Turkish political prisoners -- Firefighters: Defend Public Services
The Socialist 6 July 2001 Strike Back At School Sell-Offs by Linda Taaffe, Waltham Forest NUT and NUT national executive, personal capacity -- TGWU conference: Free The Funds by Teresa MacKay, TGWU agricultural trade group, personal capacity --  Put All The Warmongers On Trial: why the Western hypocrites can't solve the Balkans crisis -- Capitalism's bitter coffee: The reality of globalisation for the ex-colonial world
The Socialist 29 June 2001 Trade Unions tell Labour: Stop Privatisation No union cash for Labour's job cutters! SOCIALIST PARTY member Glenn Kelly successfully moved a resolution at UNISON's national conference last week, committing the union to a review of its political links with New Labour  Also featured: Inside Britain's Secret State -- Rebuild Pride's Fighting Traditions -- Uprising In Algeria and more...
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The Socialist fights for:

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· 35 hour week without loss of pay
· An end to the rule of profit
· For a Socialist Society to meet the needs of all

The Socialist - why read it?
The Socialist is different.  Its reports and analysis are brought to you from working-class people engaged in the day-to-day struggles - like those against job cuts and exploitative working conditions, to defend free education, for civil rights and to protect the environment.

Youth and students
Our coverage of the battle against tuition fees has led from the front, providing a strategy to win through mass non-payment of fees. This is backed up with reports about how support for the campaign is growing, and statistics which expose the panic of college authorities that fees will not stick.

Our coverage of industrial disputes gives the workers’ viewpoint. We give strikers’ reports and cover the battle against the right wing union bureaucrats, such as Socialist Party member Roger Bannister’s challenge for UNISON general secretary.

Internationally too, The Socialist reports on struggles around the world. Our correspondents in Seattle provided eyewitness accounts of the successful protests against the World Trade Organisation, highlighting the massive trade union intervention.

Socialist Alternative explained
The Socialist is the voice of working class people, young and old. We expose how and why capitalism causes poverty, inequality and injustice, and we provide the socialist alternative. The Socialist is essential reading for anyone who wants to change the system.

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