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Archive of Jan - July 2007 articles


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Unite against war, terror and racism

International Socialist Resistance banner on demonstration

  • Israel out of Lebanon

  • Withdraw the troops from Iraq and Afghanistan

  • Defend democratic rights

  • For a socialist alternative to war and terror

Wars and terrorism

Hannah SellVideo: Interview with Hannah Sell  (Socialist Party deputy general secretary), on Middle East crisis (broadband 512k, 22 July 2006)

No to war and terrorism

Middle East crisis: Along with George Bush, Tony Blair refused to demand an end to the Israeli regime’s brutal shelling of Lebanon...

Israel out of Lebanon now!

Huge protest against invasion of Lebanon

Thousands march against attacks

TWENTY THOUSAND people demonstrated on Saturday 22 July in London

Bush gives green light to onslaught

Eyewitness account from Lebanon socialist

'The politicians and generals are dragging us into the quagmire'

When Israel occupied Lebanon

No politics please, we're anti-war

Middle East crisis: Stop the carnage

Conflict spiralling toward regional war: THE ISRAELI government is bombing Lebanon into rubble. Airports, roads, buildings and, not least, hundreds of human lives have been destroyed.

Israel's air war threatens regional war

Lebanon: Workers’ struggles cut across by Israeli invasion A socialist in Lebanon writes, CWI website, 23 July 2006

Socialist Party Middle East leaflet

Socialist Party Middle East leaflet in Arabic

Stop the bombings! No to war!

Israeli regime’s air-war threatens regional war: THE ISRAELI government is in the process of implementing its threat to bomb the Lebanon back twenty years. (Text of Socialist Party leaflet.)

CWI Analysis: Israeli regime’s air invasion of Lebanon threatens regional war

Middle East: Crisis and armed conflict spreads & deepens - from the CWI website



See our 2003 video made on the eve of the invasion of Iraq now in broadband format

Video Three years ago: 18 March 2003, what the Socialist Party foresaw. General secretary Peter Taaffe speaking in 2003

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Iraq: withdraw troops: workers unity

Iraq: End this military adventure

What We Think: IRAQ: Sectarian civil war looms as the occupation flounders

Troops out of Iraq

Iraq: 100 British victims of Blair's war

Iran: Nuclear row raises fears internationally

George W Bush and his Poodle Tony Blair - Cartoon by Alan Hardman - click for larger image



Building a voice for Iraq's workers

Iraq - anger grows at brutal occupation

24 September anti-Iraq war demos

Unite against war, terror and racism

USA: Fighting Bush's war machine

Iraq occupation: 'Constitution' is no exit route for Bush and Blair

Iraq: Bogged down in unwinnable war

London bombings:

No to terrorism - No to war

Horror on our doorstep

London bombings and Iraq

Fight racism and Islamophobia

CWI statement on the London bombings

Troops out of Iraq

No to terror! No to war! No racism! No to capitalism!

Hospital workers condemn terrorism and war

Workers maintain class unity

Iraq: War, occupation, misery

al-qa'ida: US imperialism's legacy

Stop the War Coalition's missed opportunity

Workers' unity against war and terrorism

Repression won't prevent terrorism

Shoot-to-kill: Angry marchers demand justice

Tube drivers say safety is paramount

Feature: Workers' unity needed

February 2005 elections:

Analysis: After the elections: Nothing resolved by Iraqi Elections

Iraq: Elections won't end crisis

Analysis: 'Elections' can't hide the deepening crisis

Bush's 'coronation': Stoking the fires of opposition

Analysis: Iraq: end the war and occupation

End the occupation of Iraq

ISR Protest against occupation of Iraq

Elections in Iraq - but no peace or democracy


Analysis: US plans crumble in Iraq

Big events will shake Bush win

How could Bush win?

Iraq - Withdraw The Troops

Troops, Bulldozers And Resistance

Iraq: A Brutal War, Whatever the Label

A Spiral Of War And Terro

How The US Went To War

Bloodbath in Beslan

What Lies Behind The Terror

End The Occupation Of Iraq

US Imperialism Further Weakened

Lies, Lies, Lies

Iraq War: The Guilty Men

Fahrenheit 9/11: Why Bush Fumes

White House Tries Its Creature Saddam

Iraq: Imperialism's Plans Going Up In Smoke

Iraq: A Transition To Discontent?

Editorial: Iraq's Sovereignty Sham

Eyewitness In Iraq: Interview with Iraqi novelist Haifa Zangana

Iraq - A colonial war of subjugation

Turning Point In Iraq

Iraq: Coalition Plans In Chaos

Ending the US-led occupation

Iraq War Continues To Haunt Blair

Iraq: Still No Exit Signs (From Socialism Today February 2004)


Losing The War On Terror

How Can We Stop the Warmongers?

Occupation of Iraq: A Disaster Happening Now

Iraq's 'Liberation' Nightmare

Still No Exit Signs

Demo: Anger At Blair But Where Next?

Why Anti-War Movement Needs A New Party

Feature: Iraq: Imperialism's Quagmire

Build a movement against occupation of Iraq

Death and destruction in Iraq

A Web Of Lies From Day One

War on Iraq ISR Audio: 5 April 2003

Youth Against the War,

tape 1  tape 2  tape 3

with Clare James, International Socialist Resistance (ISR) representative on the Stop the War Coalition steering committee

Guantanamo Bay: In the name of "freedom"

Iraq Watch: Debts and democracy; Rogues' report

Who's Winning the War of Occupation? Feature 5 July 2003

Chaos Of Imperialist Occupation Feature 24 May 2003 

The world after the imperialist conquest of Iraq

Iraq Watch

Saddam's Buddies Get Contract To Rebuild Iraq

Socialist Party War on Iraq Video: 15 March 2003:

War on Iraq: the Socialist viewpoint

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Interview with Peter Taaffe, General Secretary, Socialist Party


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