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4 January 2016

spotNo retreat on resisting council cuts!

Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters must fight back against the pressure from Labour's right wing to collude in a new round of savage cuts to local council services and jobs

4 January 2016

spot2016: Crisis-ridden capitalism will meet with bitter mood of resistance

Kshama Sawant

Stormy events were compressed into 2015 and more are to come, writes Peter Taaffe

5 January 2016

spotSouthampton People's Budget

Come to a meeting on 9th January to discuss a budget to meet the needs of the city - a budget to fight for!

6 January 2016

spotTories savage fire service

"The idea that you go from a fire engine with five firefighters on to a van with just two is just madness."

6 January 2016

spotFight the flood of cuts

Parts of northern England, north Wales and Scotland were hit by severe flooding over the holidays. Yet this was not simply a natural disaster. Government cuts to flood defences made the problem worse.

6 January 2016

spotDark comic book fantasy throws light on abusive relationships

TV review - Jessica Jones: This is the latest production from Marvel, one of the homes of spandex-clad superheroes and villains. But in many ways, Jessica Jones is the complete opposite of the fantasy and explosion they normally purvey with such aplomb.

6 January 2016


Letters to the editors of the Socialist. Labour's right wingers are the real bullies, not the left; New Labour grandees rewarded by the banks.

6 January 2016

spot"I chose to be involved in politics, Michael Crick"

Featured letter: Last month, a television crew barged into a meeting in an east London cafe. Walthamstow Socialist Party had organised a discussion with a group of school students interested in campaigning against bombing Syria. Nancy Douglas, 15, responds.

6 January 2016

spotUK wage growth will be lowest since 1920s

Chancellor George Osborne's pet austerity apologists at the Office for Budget Responsibility have released figures predicting wage growth of just 6.2% over the decade to 2020. This is less than half the 12.7% growth from 2000 to 2010.

6 January 2016

spotNHS England chiefs block hospitals from publicising emergencies

Health chiefs' new rules mean hospitals must prevent admissions, cancel routine operations, and even cancel some urgent operations, before they can announce top-level overcrowding status.

6 January 2016

spotWhat we saw: Sadiq Khan's promises on London transport

Our news editor was leafleted by Labour right-winger Sadiq Khan's election team on his way in to work. Khan is standing for London mayor, and transport is a centrepiece of his campaign.

6 January 2016

spotUK's private rail fares six times public rates

Workers in Britain spend six times as much of their salaries on privatised rail fares as Europeans who use publicly owned services, a new study has shown.

6 January 2016

spotBirmingham Labour to axe at least 1,200 jobs in 165m cuts onslaught

TUSC seeks joint campaign with Momentum: Birmingham's Labour council has drafted budget cuts of 90 million in the next financial year and 75 million in the year after. 1,218 jobs will go in 2016-17, and an unspecified number the following year.

6 January 2016

spotThem & Us

It's one world for the super-rich and their politicians, and another one for the rest of us. MPs award themselves even cheaper posh meals, while basic foodstuffs get costlier.

6 January 2016

spotSteel: public ownership needed as private buyers threaten pay and pensions

The SNP government continues to orientate its taskforce towards finding a private buyer rather than using the option of nationalisation.

6 January 2016

spotNationalise rail now! Rail workers strike around the country

Aslef and RMT union members at Arriva Trains Wales walked out for 24 hours on 4 January with all its services cancelled, over terms and conditions. Some services on the morning of 5 January were also disrupted, with the strike causing chaos as many returned to work after the Christmas break.

6 January 2016

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles. Prison officers' conference to discuss attacks at work; junior doctors' strike back on; fighting the anti-union bill in Lancashire.

6 January 2016

spot2015 marks best fighting fund total this century!

Last year, Socialist Party members smashed all 21st century records for raising fighting fund! Following a record Socialism 2015 appeal, our members and supporters have donated and raised over 39,000 in the final quarter of the year.

6 January 2016

spotNo government majority as Podemos partially recovers

Spain - elections mark shift to left: The elections on 20 December registered a fundamental change in the political situation and composition of the parliament. This change was also reflected in the local elections in May.

6 January 2016

spotFloods, climate change and capitalism

This winter's extreme weather events were entirely predictable. In fact, cabinet ministers were advised just days before storm Desmond hit Cumbria that such floods would occur and that current flood defences were inadequate because of spending cuts.

6 January 2016

spotProfit system exacerbates flooding

The flooding over Christmas has been some of the worst in recent memory. Fingers are rightly being pointed to the cuts the Tory government has made to flood defence spending, as well as to the emergency services.

6 January 2016

spotTories' hypocritical green policies pledge

The response of the Tory government has not been a drive to switch to renewable energy supplies and other green policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

6 January 2016

spotRenationalise the water industry

Reader's letter: When water was privatised, a lot of venture capitalists found that you can't actually run a public utility at a profit unless you dump some expensive, but vital, functions - like maintenance.

6 January 2016

spotSupport junior doctors' and student nurses' action

NHS workers under attack: The attack launched on student nurse bursaries underlines the continued campaign the Tories are conducting against our NHS. NHS spending is at its lowest as a percentage of GDP since 1951, and the treasury is demanding a further 22 billion worth of cuts by 2020.

6 January 2016

spotEleanor Marx: celebrate a life of struggle for socialism

Celebrate the 160th anniversary of the birth of Eleanor Marx who played a pivotal role in the development of the trade union movement, the birth of the Labour Party and as a tireless fighter for working class people, especially women, all over the globe.

6 January 2016

spotUnion action needed to defeat attack on student nurses

The government's 2015 Autumn Statement announced that it intends to end the payment of student bursaries for nursing, midwifery and allied health professional students - as proposed by the Council of Deans of Health - from 1 September 2017. This has been met with anger and alarm.

6 January 2016

spotA 'People's Budget' to defeat cruel cuts

TUSC and the Independent Group of councillors are holding a meeting against cuts

6 January 2016

spotCarlisle Socialist Party's action plan on floods

Immediately following the floods, Carlisle Socialist Party drew up the outline of an action plan to prevent future disasters.

7 January 2016

spotCouncil uses reserves to stop cuts

The coalition running Stoke council is staving off cuts

8 January 2016

spotHousing staff strike against cuts

On 6th Jan Sheffield Council housing workers took strike action

9 January 2016

spotSteps towards setting up Trade Union Momentum

PCS's executive has endorsed continued discussions about Trade Union Momentum

11 January 2016

spotWest Dunbartonshire teachers' strike

The EIS took strike action at five schools

12 January 2016

spotDoctors sit down in Whitehall, 6.2.16. Photo: Paul Mattsson

Junior doctors' demonstration, London, 6.2.16, photo by Paul Mattsson

Junior doctors' demonstration, London, 6.2.16, photo by Paul Mattsson

13 January 2016

spot"Shattered but proud", a day in the life of a student nurse

Early starts with late finishes might be the norm as a student nurse but they don't get any easier.

13 January 2016

spotStudent nurses march to oppose bursary cut

Over 1,000 student nurses, NHS workers and members of the public marched through central London to protest the government's plans to cut student nurses' bursaries.

13 January 2016

spotDoctors battle burnout as 100 full-up GP surgeries apply to shut their doors

GPs want to provide safe, high-quality care for patients. The stress of feeling unable to give patients what they need - while fending off a barrage of increased paperwork and tasks not directly related to patient care - has forced 100 practices to apply to NHS England to close their surgeries to any new patients.

13 January 2016

spotBBC planned live Labour resignation to damage Corbyn

The 1% and their cronies at the head of the mass media and BBC want to defend their privileged lifestyles. They have no answer to the anti-austerity anger which propelled Jeremy Corbyn to head of Labour. So they resort to sensationalism and distraction.

13 January 2016

spotBosses 'earn' year's pay in under a week

Fat Cat Tuesday: By the first Tuesday of 2016, chief executives at the UK's top 'FTSE 100' firms were sitting happily on earnings it will take the average full-time worker a year to make.

13 January 2016

spotEU probes power plant for wrongdoing over switch from coal to biomass

A UK power plant is under European Union (EU) investigation - for daring to partially switch to a potentially lower-carbon fuel.

13 January 2016

spotWhat We Saw

Band embarrasses Cameron over council housing; doctors mock right-wing media smears.

13 January 2016

spotThem & Us

It's one law for them...: A High Court judge has ruled against the Tories' benefits cap. Strangely enough, it seems the "strongly worded" judgment has not brought an end to Tory attacks on the most vulnerable.

13 January 2016

spotSlums, speculation, sell-offs and sardines

Tory housing 'u-turn' is woefully inadequate: David Cameron finally seems to have acknowledged the dizzying abyss that free market housing policies have created.

13 January 2016

spotCameron's 10,000 new homes won't hide the problem

David Cameron has announced that his government will directly commission and possibly build 10,000 new homes. It will go nowhere near countering the problems facing most of the population.

13 January 2016

spotA clear strategy to defeat the Tory cuts

Since 2010 local government spending has been slashed by 40%. Countless essential services have been cut to the bone.

13 January 2016

spotCouncillors must resist cuts

The only way councillors can stop the huge Tory cuts is to mobilise a mass campaign of the council workforce, local residents and anti-cuts campaigners.

13 January 2016

spotSouthampton people's budget meeting

On Saturday 9 January Southampton Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition held a public meeting to support a council budget that meets the genuine needs of the people who live and work in the city.

13 January 2016

spotVictor Jara's revolutionary life, poetry and politics

Book review - Victor: An Unfinished Song: Before he died, in captivity, already injured, Victor Jara wrote a last poem, his unfinished song. When the workers of Chile and the world put an end to poverty, hunger and inequality, they will finish that song.

13 January 2016


Letters to the Socialist's editors. Letwin's poll tax guinea pigs; poll tax agents provocateurs.

13 January 2016

spotCameron's housing con

For a mass programme of council house building: Cameron has announced plans to demolish around 100 decrepit tower block estates. He is subsiding private developers to build homes to buy on public land - no doubt mostly luxury flats.

13 January 2016

spotSaudi Arabia mass executions

Tories back despots: The recent execution of 47 prisoners by Saudi Arabia's rulers has been widely condemned as barbaric.

13 January 2016

spotHonduras: Day of the endangered lawyer

On Friday 22 January, protests will take place outside Honduran embassies and consulates all over Europe over the increase in violent attacks and human rights violations directed at lawyers and democratic rights activists in Honduras.

13 January 2016

spotEnergy-filled pickets at EDF

Spirits on Kent's EDF Energy picket line were kept very high by playing cat and mouse with the employer. Bosses assigned managers to follow the pickets - presumably to act as the most obvious bugging devices in the history of espionage.

13 January 2016

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles. Victimised postal union rep reinstated; fresh tube strikes announced; Lambeth libraries vote to walk out.

13 January 2016

spot"We hope to inspire people to go out and spread their passion for the Socialist"

With mainstream media being controlled by the right-wing establishment and information being cherry picked to support capitalist interests, it is imperative, now more than ever, to support and actively promote a publication which is in the interests of the working class.

13 January 2016

spotReport: Socialist Party national women's meeting

On 9 January around 40 members from across the country travelled to London to attend the Socialist Party's annual national women's meeting.

13 January 2016

spotEleanor Marx: a life of struggle, solidarity and socialism

Celebrate the 160th anniversary of the birth of Eleanor Marx who played a pivotal role in the development of the trade union movement, the birth of the Labour Party and as a tireless fighter for working class people, especially women, all over the globe. Hosted by Lewisham Socialist Party, south London.

13 January 2016

spotSexual assaults in Cologne exploited by racist establishment and far right

The shocking attacks on scores of women in Cologne, where up to 1,000 North African or 'Arab-looking' men were said to be on the rampage, brought the inevitable baying from the far right and a backlash from the establishment media and politicians.

13 January 2016

spot476,000 homes in England go unbuilt by speculators

New research shows a record 475,647 homes in England have planning permission but are yet to be built. Developers don't want to actually build the houses we need. If they did, Britain's overinflated housing market would crash and their profits would be hit.

13 January 2016

spotNHS not safe in Tory hands

Support the doctors' strikes! Who's the bigger threat to the NHS: junior doctors or Jeremy Hunt? Hunt and the Tories are responsible for a massive crisis in the health service that will get worse in the years to come - if they get their way.

13 January 2016

spotCorbyn must lead a fight against the right and for an anti-austerity programme

The Tory press is stoutly defending the right-wingers who resigned from the shadow cabinet

13 January 2016

spotHealth workers under attack!

Photo by Jane Nellist, Coventry

Cuts, debt and exhaustion: The NHS deficit is rapidly worsening. Staff shortages in ambulance and community services mean more work falling on their shoulders.

15 January 2016

spotBritain's fractured politics

Labour's left and right fault-lines are widening. The Tories face deep splits over Europe - and their savage austerity could yet unleash mass resistance. It's a volatile mix, writes Peter Taaffe, in Socialist Today

15 January 2016

spotBanner unfurled in Newcastle stadium

National Stop Stewards Network supporters in Newcastle displayed a banner in St James's Park stadium in Newcastle at a Manchester United match

18 January 2016

spotCWU rep reinstated

18 January 2016

spotNationalise Tata to save steel jobs!

Wales is now feeling the wind of the ongoing butchering of jobs from Tata Steel UK

18 January 2016

spotPeople's Budget meeting success

A buzzing meeting voted to oppose cuts to council services

18 January 2016

spotPolice infiltration of the Socialist Party

'Carlo Neri'

The news revealed on the Guardian and BBC websites today that 'Carlo Neri' infiltrated the Socialist Party on behalf of the Met Police's Special Demonstration Squad is unfortunately not surprising

19 January 2016

spotAnti-academy strike in Birmingham

NUT members at Small Heath school in Birmingham have started nine days of strike action (19-21 and 26-28 January and 2-4 February) against the threat to turn their school into an academy

19 January 2016

spotCelebrating Eleanor Marx's birthday

Pioneering socialist Eleanor was commemorated in Sydenham

20 January 2016

spotWater firms' 1.2bn in profit off human need

By overcharging customers, private water companies in the UK have raked in profits of over 1.2 billion over the last five years, writes Laurel Fogarty.

20 January 2016

spotThem & Us

Extortionate housing...: Yes, you read that right. 62 billionaires now own 50% of all humanity's wealth - as much as the poorest 3.6 billion people combined

20 January 2016

spotPolitical policing: Met spy targeted socialists

The political role of the police - sending undercover officers into democratic socialist organisations - is back in the news, writes Chris Newby, Socialist Party London.

20 January 2016

spotTrident debate: socialist programme needed

Just a month after the furore over the Syria bombing vote, Jeremy Corbyn is facing a new challenge as the debate about renewing Trident hots up, writes Rob Williams.

20 January 2016

spotOutrageous attacks on Corbyn for 'sexism'

Policies are what matter for working class women: The attempts of the Blairites to undermine Jeremy Corbyn know no bounds. One of their latest ruses has been to accuse Corbyn and his supporters of sexism, writes Hannah Sell.

20 January 2016

spotUnite the fightback: Coordinated strikes needed

"We never dreamt of being on a picket line," said a junior doctor addressing a meeting of trade unionists after an exhausting day of strike activities

20 January 2016

spotGateshead carers oppose respite centre closures

For years Gateshead's Labour councillors have boasted they would always protect frontline services for the most vulnerable, writes Elaine Brunskill

20 January 2016

spotLetters to the Socialist

Cologne sex attacks show need to fight sexism and racism: An article in the last Socialist responded to the mass and seemingly coordinated sexual assaults on women in Cologne

20 January 2016

spotCarmarthenshire Unison campaigns against council cuts

Carmarthenshire County Unison members lobbied the Plaid-led council on 12 January along with other campaigners such as Save Our Parks and Playgrounds

20 January 2016

spotPreparing a no-cuts people's budget

The new TUSC briefing pack on preparing a 'people's budget' is unquestionably the most important document available for all those who genuinely wish to fight against local government cuts

20 January 2016

spotMomentum and democracy in Hackney and beyond

In Hackney, around 50 people - from left organisations, the Labour Party and some individuals - attended the first two meetings of the local Momentum group

20 January 2016

spotAngry Labour meeting puts councillors under fire

My friend phoned me recently to say that he'd been to a Labour Party constituency meeting. There were about 200 people there.

20 January 2016

spotReinstatement victory for John Vasey

When I was dismissed over the issue of not completing my delivery I was taken by surprise, writes John Vasey

20 January 2016

spotShop workers lobby council against Sunday opening

On 13 January, a deputation from the Leeds private trades branch of the shop workers' union Usdaw lobbied Leeds City Council

20 January 2016

spotWorkplace news in brief

Prison cuts: On 14 January, prison officers' union the POA held a special delegate conference in Daventry called for by the Wormwood Scrubs branch

20 January 2016

spot1986 Wapping strike - Defeat of the print unions

Workers' struggle undermined by bankrupt union leadership: Although it was a battle fought a generation ago, its lessons are just as relevant for our movement today

20 January 2016

spotUSA: Fight the billionaire class!

An edited version of Seattle socialist councillor Kshama Sawant's alternative 'State of the Union' speech, following Barack Obama's address to Congress.

20 January 2016

spotChina: Financial turmoil spreads fear across global markets

Global financial markets started 2016 with a bang! A reprise of last summer's chaotic falls on China's stock markets triggered panic selling of shares, commodities and currencies around the world

20 January 2016

spotNorthern Ireland: Defy anti-abortion laws

Campaign group Fight4Equality has described the prosecution of a young women for accessing abortion pills as "ludicrous"

20 January 2016

spotHousing crisis reaches level of 1960s

Imagine that you live in a terraced house on a street that has, at one end, an airport and, at the other, a large factory, writes Bob Severn, private tenant, Birmingham.

20 January 2016

spotCivil service: 1bn on consultants

A National Audit Office report contains further proof that austerity is working out fine for the bosses, writes Dave Semple

20 January 2016

spotUnited workers' action can save NHS

The junior doctors' dispute has again put the future of the NHS centre stage. The health service is under attack like never before. The Tories, linked organically to private for-profit 'healthcare', are driving forward its destruction.

20 January 2016

spotUnite's local government committee votes for no-cuts budgets

Unite's national committee for local government has called on Labour councils to set 'no-cuts' budgets

20 January 2016

spotTube workers to strike again to defend jobs and conditions

Members of London Underground unions will strike on 26-27 January

22 January 2016

spotTUSC election timetable

The TUSC national steering committee met this week and agreed a timetable and procedures to approve candidates for the English local council elections taking place on Thursday May 5th

22 January 2016

spotDave Nellist's byelection appeal to Jeremy Corbyn: 'let's discuss how to fight the cuts'

Ex-Coventry MP Dave Nellist, chair of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) and a former backbench colleague of Jeremy Corbyn, has appealed to the Labour leader to meet up and seriously discuss how to resist the new round of cuts being made by local councils.

26 January 2016

spotCare services under threat

The privatised adult care service in Haringey, north London, replaced the public service when the council cut it.

26 January 2016

spotNo backsliding in council cuts fight!

At the January meeting of Lewisham Momentum, Socialist Party members were delighted to see speakers from junior doctors and nurses.

27 January 2016

spotLabour councillor suspended for fighting cuts

Haringey Labour councillor Gideon Bull has been suspended from the Labour group for opposing cuts to the adult care service.

27 January 2016

spot"I have left work many times in tears" - a council worker

I work in an office for my local council supporting social workers. I have left work many times in tears from feeling very overwhelmed. At times my depression has been greatly heightened due to being in the workplace.

27 January 2016

spotSocialist Party discusses the fight for socialism

Three regions of the Socialist Party have held regional conference so far this year: Southern, West Midlands and London.

27 January 2016

spotThe end for deep coal mining jobs in Britain

Kellingley Colliery closure marks the end of deep coal mining jobs in Britain and is a casualty of capitalism.

27 January 2016

spotTeachers need national strategy for a national struggle

Teachers across the country are demonstrating a willingness to fight for, and more importantly win, on pay and conditions with a flurry of schools taking strike action over the last few months. But as a strategy, school-by-school is not going to resolve the problems for all teachers.

27 January 2016

spotLabour councillor smears TUSC policy as 'BNP'

A right-wing Labour councillor in Tower Hamlets, east London, has accused anti-austerity activists of emulating the far-right, racist British National Party.

27 January 2016

spotNew Socialist Party branch fights against St Austell austerity

Our new Socialist Party branch in St Austell, Cornwall, has wasted no time contacting our town councillors to seek their view on 'no cuts' people's budgets and to offer our support to those opposed to passing on Tory cuts.

27 January 2016

spotSocialist Students bake-off

School and college Socialist Party members in Walthamstow, east London, raised more than 70 selling muffins, cookies and brownies to fund their delegation to this year's Socialist Students conference in Coventry.

27 January 2016

spotCoventry children's services closure protest

There will be a protest outside Edgwick Play Centre in Coventry against its closure, at 12pm on 30 January.

27 January 2016

spotObituary: Dean Meehan 1962-2016

Socialist Party members were shocked to learn of the death of RMT member and TUSC candidate Dean Meehan at the age of 53.

27 January 2016

spotIndia: student death exposes caste oppression

The suicide of a Dalit PhD student Rohith Vemula has refocussed world attention on the discriminatory caste system in India, in which 180 million Dalits are the most oppressed.

27 January 2016

spotDavos summit: a broken capitalist system

At their annual semi-secret get together in Davos, Switzerland last week, 3,000 bankers, industry chiefs, media moguls and capitalist politicians met to deliberate the state of world affairs. These self-declared 'masters of the universe' were forced to conclude that their system isn't working properly.

27 January 2016

spotLabour election post-mortem: nothing to report!

The Labour Party has released its long awaited report into why they lost the general election. Authored by former Blairite cabinet minister Margaret Beckett, it runs to 35 pages and demonstrates a refusal to draw the necessary conclusions from Labour's defeat last May.

27 January 2016

spotThe dark arts of Labour's right

Having been decisively routed in the last year's Labour leadership contest the party's Blairite MPs and Lords, such as Peter Mandelson, continue to wage a guerrilla war against Jeremy Corbyn.

27 January 2016

spot'People's budgets' and local democracy

Socialist Party members argued for East London Momentum to support no-cuts 'people's budget' proposals, as well as establishing mechanisms for democratic reselection of MPs. This latter point was taken up without disagreement.

27 January 2016

spotCouncillors must fight to defend our services

Labour's shadow chancellor John McDonnell addressed a North Cambridgeshire Momentum meeting. Socialist Party member Joe raised the issue of Labour councillors refusing to make further Tory cuts by means of using councils' reserve funds while preparing a national campaign of opposition.

27 January 2016

spotTeaching: a perfect storm is brewing

A lack of school places, teacher shortage and cuts are compounding existing issues related to workload.

27 January 2016

spotA day in the life of a teacher and mother

In this job, organisation is everything. Without meticulous attention to detail and a lot of forward planning, you can pretty much guarantee you'll be at meltdown stage before the term is out.

27 January 2016

spotTop tweets: #TraditionallySubmissive

David Cameron recently attacked Muslim women. He apparently said the "traditional submissiveness of Muslim women" is a cause of terrorism. His answer was English language training - which his government has cut the funding for.

27 January 2016

spotSteelworkers may face benefit cut-off for not seeking bar jobs

Skilled steelworkers, recently made redundant, could apparently face punishing benefit sanctions - for refusing to seek low-paid work which doesn't use their skills.

27 January 2016

spotOscars snub black artists: fight racism and austerity in the arts

Non-white actors, producers, and theatre and film makers are under-represented, as are women. Cuts in arts funding, and tuition fees in drama schools and universities, disproportionately affect us.

27 January 2016

spotGoogle pays pittance for avoiding 2bn tax

Search engine and advertising giant Google has agreed to pay 130 million in ten years of back taxes. This is a derisory sum considering Google recorded sales in Britain for 2014 alone of 4.5 billion.

27 January 2016

spotThem & Us

It's one world for the super-rich, and another one for the rest of us. Pensioners freeze as energy firms profit; sicko bosses sicken sick workers; worker told to pay boss!

27 January 2016

spotBirmingham teachers strike to resist academy attack

Teaching staff in the NUT at Small Heath School in Birmingham have started nine days of strike action against the threat to turn it into an academy.

27 January 2016

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles. Victimised RMT rep defended; anti-cuts protest in Brighton; NSSN to hold Port Talbot steel solidarity meeting.

27 January 2016


Do you have something to say? Birmingham's bungling cuts council; useless Ukip's difficult year; job rejection letter rejection letter.

27 January 2016

spotRed doors and wristbands scandal

Refugees and asylum seekers in Middlesbrough, Teesside, have been experiencing daily abuse and attack. Their homes were marked out with red-painted doors. Meanwhile in Cardiff, a private housing firm has been marking the asylum seekers it accommodates with compulsory red wristbands.

27 January 2016

spotTrade union bill will stretch resources as well as limit action

The government released its impact assessment for the bill

27 January 2016

spot24-hour tube strike suspended

The strike set to start on 26 January has been called off

27 January 2016

spotAngry campaigners protest against A&E closure

Ordinary people are organising

27 January 2016

spotHousing: smash the Tory wrecking bill

Wrecking ball, photo bradleypjohnson (Flicker/Creative Commons)

A Dickensian world of slum housing, overcrowding, soaring rents and the threat of eviction is now becoming the reality for millions of ordinary people in Tory Britain. But this is just a foretaste of what is in store if the Housing Bill becomes law.

27 January 2016

spotTories 'Prevent' civil liberties

Young Muslim women, credit: Garry Knight (Creative Commons)

The editorial of the Socialist: Increasingly the government's 'Prevent' strategy is facing protest. It is just one example of the Tory's government's accelerating racism and attacks on civil liberties.

27 January 2016

spotNew wave of protests in Tunisia

Protest against terrorism in Tunisia

'Arab Spring' five years on: Five years after the fall of the dictator Ben Ali, the demands of the revolution remain unsatisfied. And in recent days Tunisia has been swept by a new 'intifada' (uprising) from its impoverished youth, fed up with a life of misery and mass unemployment.

29 January 2016

spotNo-cuts petition to Lewisham council

Socialist Party members in Lewisham, south London, have successfully argued for the local Momentum group to register a no-cuts budget petition with the council.

29 January 2016

spotSuspended councillor invited to help draw up no-cuts budget

Haringey Labour group suspended a councillor for voting against cuts

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