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From The Socialist newspaper, 26 April 2003

May Day Greetings posted on our website

Cardiff Socialist Students

Cardiff Uni Socialist Students send greetings to socialists across the world and demands




It is time to kill capitalism and establish a free, democratic socialist Britain based on justice and equality

Ms Edgar, Coventry

Workers Of The World Unite, And Fight For A Socialist World

Anne Ursell, Kent

Merseyside Socialist Party

Forward to a new mass workers party.

Pete Glover, Socialist Alternative, candidate for Netherton and Orrell

"South West Region Socialist Party members in Bristol, Swindon, Bath, Weston, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud, Cirencester, Taunton, Shepton Mallet, Exeter, Exmouth, Tiverton, Cullompton, Plymouth, Liskeard, Poole, Bournemouth, Dorchester, Blandford and Weymouth send greetings worldwide to workers and youth struggling to build a planet freed from wars, terrorism, poverty, oppression, hunger, disease and despair.

'Wars cannot be abolished unless classes are abolished and Socialism is created.' - Lenin: 1915.

Leicester Solidarity with the Iraqi workers and poor. End the occupation. For a Socialist Iraq

Steve Score Socialist Alternative Candidate Leicester Braunstone: Fight privatisation. For a socialist Alternative to New Labour

May day greetings from Socialist Party, Preston Branch.

Fighting for a socialist world free of war and terror

For workers unity against racism and fascism!

May Day Greetings from Adrian O'Malley, Chair, and Mick Griffiths, Secretary, Wakefield and Pontefract Hospitals Unison Branch, (Personal capacity.)

Fight Privatisation! Defend Public Services!


(Russian Section of CWI)

Greetings to the Socialist Party, from the land of the October Revolution

Visit our new website

Fraternal greetings from Hillingdon Socialist Party

Reclaim the Game

Reclaim the beautiful game of football from big business control

Camden Socialist Party Branch Sends May Day Greetings : Forward to World Socialism

Gary Jones, Judy Griffiths and Bernard Roome Socialist Party Members on the NEC of the Communication Workers Union send May Day greetings to communication workers throughout the world, only international class solidarity will defeat capitalist globalisation"

May Day Greetings from Hackney Trades Union Council

Supporting and defending union reps

HTUC, Centerprise, Box 11, 136 Kingsland High Street, London E8 2NS. Tel 07960 798399

Unison - Southampton District Branch

Defending Jobs and services - Support our Industrial Action

Solidarity with the Iraqi people for their courageous endurance during the cowardly invasion, mass destruction and massacre of their country.

Emmylou Books

01268 696712

May Day Greetings from Lewisham Socialist Party, and Ian Page, Socialist Party councillor Lewisham Telegraph Hill

No to Cuts! No to Privatisation!

Socialist greetings from the Socialist Group on Coventry City Council: Dave Nellist, Karen Mackay and Rob Windsor, The Council House, Earl Street, Coventry, CV1 5RR

May Day Greetings to The Socialist from Linda Taaffe, National Executive NUT, personal capacity

SATS Must Go!

London West Central Socialist Party

Sends greetings to workers and young people fighting for socialism around the world

May Day Greetings from Gedling Marxists. Forward to a socialist future.

Socialist Party candidates standing in the Unison NEC Election send May Day Greetings

Roger Bannister

Glen Kelly

Jean Thorpe

Keep Public Services Public - and support public sector workers' right to take strike action

Coventry MSF no.7 branch (Amicus)

The following CWI and Socialist Party candidates standing as part of the Left Unity slate for the PCS NEC elections send May Day Greetings to The Socialist

Janice Goodrich (President Candidate)

Danny Williamson

Mark Baker

Rob Williams

Marion Lloyd

John McInally

Chris Baugh

For fighting, democratic and independent trade unions based on workers rights, solidarity, and internationalism.

May Day Greetings from Brian Blake, Ealing Unison (personal capacity):

Say no to Privatisation, for 4000 London Weighting,

Break the link with New Labour.

Build a New Mass Workers Party

May Day Greetings From East Midlands Unison members (all personal capacity)

Jean Thorpe, Nottingham City Unison Branch Chair

Vicky Ingram, Derbyshire County Unison Branch Secretary

Josie Nicholls, Leicestershire County Unison Education Convenor

John Merrell, East Midlands Gas (Southern) Branch Secretary

Greenwich and Bexley Socialist Party is fighting against New Labour privatisation. End and reverse all privatisation of our public services!

Warmest Comradely Mayday greetings from Socialist Alternative, representing the CWI in Canada.

Socialist Greetings from Kirklees Unison Nursery nurses. Striking for a better deal

May Day Greetings to The Socialist

We await your pages with all the thirst and eagerness week after week. You and your predecessor Militant have held the flag flying and aloft with impeccable red in it.

We greet you and your tireless comrades for the excellent initiatives on this May Day. May we see you daily very soon !

Yours in Struggle for Socialism,

New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India)

Ipswich & District TUC

Send May Day Greetings to all Socialists and Trades Unionists

Leeds Socialist Party says

End the Occupation of Iraq

Solidarity with the Workers and Poor in Iraq

May Day Greetings from Swansea and District Trades Union Council

Campaigning to :-

Support the Firefighters and for a socialist world without war and terror

Aberavon Socialist Party sends May Day Greetings

Putting the 'Socialist Alternative' in Aberavon for the Welsh Assembly

Nationalise Corus Now!

Swansea Socialist Party branch sends May Day Greetings

Unions to disaffiliate from New Labour

For a New Mass Workers party

Newcastle Socialist Party and Socialist Alternative candidates Cathy Collins and Bill Hopwood send May Day Greetings. Defend Public Services. No to ALMO. Build the Alternative to New Labour.

East London Socialist Party sends May Day greetings

Capitalism is a weapon of mass destruction. Disarm the bosses with socialist internationalism and fight for system change.

Blair out! For a new mass party of the working class based on socialist policies

May Day greetings from the Southern region - Socialist Party members in Southampton, Portsmouth, Reading, Oxford and the Isle of Wight.

Supporting workers in struggle

Fighting imperialism

Forward to socialism

With the socialist transformation of Britain we will see the elimination of poverty for millions.

With the socialist transformation of America we will see the elimination of poverty on the planet.

Workers of the world unite, we have a world to gain.

Hull Socialist Party

Robbie Segal (USDAW executive member, personal capacity) sends May Day greetings to Low Paid workers struggling to maintain their wages and conditions

Mayday greetings from the following members of Hackney Unison and fellow trade unionists.

Angelika Teweleit (Branch Chair)

Brian Debus (Joint Branch Secretary)

Will Leng (Joint Branch Secretary)

Steve Edwards (Building Trades Convenor)

Khadija Wurie (Housing Convenor)

Sonia Joseph (Membership Officer)

Jude Ritchie (Education Convenor)

Ricky Jones (Deputy Education Convenor)

John Page (Joint Equalities Officer)

Barbara Gray (Retired Members Chair)

Dorothy Plaskett (Libraries Steward)

Earl Bailey (Libraries Steward)

Margaret Sinn (Libraries Steward)

Janet Adegoke (Libraries Steward)

Daphne Ramsey (Shop Steward)

Joe Purcell (Shop Steward)

Annoesjka Valent (Shop Steward)

Rod Wells (Shop Steward)

(all in a personal capacity)

Hackney Unison stands firm in the face of continuing assaults by senior management in Hackney Council, including the attempt to sack Equalities Officer, John Page and discipline Joint Branch Secretary, Brian Debus.

Hackney Unison is currently in the process of balloting for industrial action over this issue and has also taken the Council to employment tribunal over changes in terms and conditions imposed on workers almost two years ago.

For messages of support to John Page and Brian Debus please e-mail

No human being should have to suffer at the hands of another, it is a fundamental human right.

Plymouth Socialist Party and readers May Day Greetings

Drawing facing acknowledgements page in book Images of Labour - May Day demonstration. Follow with quote:

"A small axe can fell a large tree only if it is sharp enough"

Leon Trotsky

Nottingham Socialist Party

Greetings to all workers in struggle. Forward to Socialism!

May Day Greetings from Socialism Today, monthly magazine of the Socialist Party.

Waltham Forest Socialist Party sends

Greetings and International solidarity with workers and the oppressed around the world. End the occupation of Iraq!

Southwark Socialist Party says

No To racism!

No to fascism!

For a socialist alternative to poverty and fear under capitalism, in Southwark - and north of the river!

Tower Hamlets Socialist Party says

Support the right of school students to strike and protest!

Build a school students union!

No to the Occupation of Iraq!

Youth against Racism in Europe

Unite against racism!

No platform for neo-Nazi groups

Build a mass anti-racist movement

Defend the right to asylum -- scrap racist immigration laws

Jobs, homes and services for all

Stop the Nazis pamphlet 1 inc p&p

YRE PO Box 858 London E11 1YG

Tel 020 8558 7947

The Committee for a Workers International (CWI) sends revolutionary greetings to workers and youth throughout the world

The CWI, founder in 1974, has members working over 35 countries on every continent.

Details: CWI, PO Box 3688, London E11 1YE. Tel: ++44 20 8988 8760. Email,

Greetings from Stevenage Socialist Party, and Socialist Alternative candidate Steve Glennon, Bedwell ward - fighting for Socialism for 30 years in Stevenage

Socialist greetings from the Socialist Group on Coventry City Council: Dave Nellist, Karen Mackay and Rob Windsor, The Council House, Earl Street, Coventry, CV1 5RR

Keep Public Services Public - and support public sector workers' right to take strike action

Coventry MSF no.7 branch (Amicus)

Greetings to the Socialist Party on May Day from the SP in Australia

May Day Greetings from Exmouth Socialists

The Isle of Wight Socialist Party branch sends May Day Greetings to trade unionists and socialists around the world.

Karl Marx visited the Isle of Wight three times (Ryde twice and Ventnor once)

Andrew Price, NATFE NEC member (FE) Wales, Sends May Day Greetings to trade unionists everywhere.

For full parity of pay between school teachers and FE College Lecturers in both England and Wales

Socialist Party Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender group

For LGBT liberation and international socialism

Send protests to Egyptian President Mohammad Mubarak, Abedine Palace, Cairo, Egypt.


Socialist Party LGBT PO Box 24697, London E11 1YD

Tel 020 8988 8772.

Sheffield Socialist Party

"Stop the looting! Hands off public services"


May Day greetings to all workers!

"The most remote, and it would seem, the most 'abstract' disagreements, if they are thought out to the end, will sooner or later be invariably expressed in practice, and practice does not allow a single theoretical mistake to be made with impunity."

L Trotsky

Brighton & Hove Socialist Party:

Greetings to all our comrades and to the workers of the world.

Brighton and Hove Distict Trades Union Council sends May Day Greetings to workers throughout the world. "An injury to one is an injury to all"

Manchester Socialist Party

Greetings to all our members and supporters in a successful year. Special mention to Manchester's firefighters and school students in their campaigns.

Forward to victory!

Socialist Books

International Greetings to comrades and customers around the world.

Visit our website

Socialist books, PO Box 24697, London, E11 1YD, Tel 020 8988 8789, Fax 020 8988 8787

International Socialist Resistance

International Solidarity from International Socialist Resistance.

Fighting against capitalism and the attacks on young people, from racism to the cuts in Education, low pay and unemployment

For a socialist world without war and terror

020 8558 7947

PO Box 858 London E11 1YG

" The struggle of the proletariat against war is the continuation and sharpening of its class struggle"

Leon Trotsky, 1938)

Greetings from Mansfield & North Derbyshire Socialist Party

Hackney Socialist Party sends socialist greetings & International solidarity to workers throughout the world struggling against capitalism.

End Privatisation

Defend Public Services


End the Occupation

Stop the government's economic programme

Mark Richards, secretary FBU Euston and Billy Carruthers, FBU Euston send May Day greetings to all trade unionists. Thanks to the Socialist Party for its support during the current pay campaign.

The Stoke Branch of the Socialist Party sends fraternal may day greetings to all workers and youth around the world.

Luton and Stevenage Socialist Party sends greetings and salutes the JKNAP / NSF (sister section to the Socialist Party in Kashmir) - Keep up the good work!

Revolutionary socialist Greetings to the Socialist, from "Xekinima" the section of the CWI in Greece

Greetings to workers in struggle.


P A Mooney, Norfolk

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In The Socialist 26 April 2003:

Wage War On Poverty And Cuts

Unite Against The Racists

Save steel jobs - nationalise Corus

May Day - Protest Against Capitalism

May Day Greetings posted on our website

Saddam's Buddies Get Contract To Rebuild Iraq

Northern Ireland: State Terrorism

Anti-Fascist Feature

Ten years after the murder of Stephen Lawrence: When Mass Action And Class Unity Beat Back The Fascists

Scottish elections: Socialist Challenge To Capitalist Parties

Nigerian presidential elections Obasanjo's Poisoned Victory

Fire Brigades Union conference Reject Burchill's Plans

NUT conference: "No More SATS!"

USDAW conference: Fighting For Low-Paid Workers


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