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Posted on 22 October 2012 at 12:58 GMT

Scotland YFJ marching through Glasgow, October 2012, photo YFJ Scotland

Scotland YFJ marching through Glasgow, October 2012, photo YFJ Scotland   (Click to enlarge)

Scottish March for Jobs and Public Services inspires thousands

Fourteen million young people are not in employment, education or training (Neets) across the EU which, on top of the human misery, is reported to 'cost' at least 153 billion a year.

This figure, made up of 10.8 billion in public spending and 142.1 billion in lost output, is a "very conservative" estimate by the EU's own research organisation Eurofound.

The number of employed young people in the EU is at an all-time low - but life is not that great for those in work either. In 2011, 42% of employed young workers were in temporary jobs.

30% were in part-time employment - a 9% increase in ten years. Britain alone has 1.9 million Neets. In London, 55% of black men aged between 16 and 24 are out of work. In Scotland, almost one in four young people are unemployed.

But the Con-Dems will carry on cutting unless we fight back.

Matt Dobson and David Mundt report on the Scottish March for Jobs and Public Services, part of the Youth Fight for Jobs fortnight of action.

From 17th to 20th October, young people marched through the cold and rain from Stirling to Glasgow, demanding real job creation, an end to attacks on benefits, pensions and wages, free education, public works and affordable housing.

The marchers, although a small, hardy bunch in number, reflected the position of young people in Scottish society, with long term unemployed youth joining debt-ridden university and college students, exploited low paid workers and school students worried about their future, as well as PCS young members who are new workplace reps.

Inspired by the 2011 Jarrow March and the recent Belfast March for a Future organised by Youth Fight for Jobs in Northern Ireland (which a Scottish marcher spoke at), the Scottish March for Jobs and Public Services was co-organised by Youth Fight for Jobs Scotland and the PCS Young Members Network.

It was supported by PCS Scotland nationally, and the campaign funds of over twenty local PCS branches across Scotland.

Glasgow City Unison, Unison Scottish Children's Reporters and Edinburgh RMT also backed the march as did the Dundee Youth Council.

The Scottish Trade Union Congress (STUC) also publicly urged support from its affiliates.

Scotland YFJ leading the PCS contingent through Glasgow,20  October 2012, photo YFJ Scotland

Scotland YFJ leading the PCS contingent through Glasgow,20 October 2012, photo YFJ Scotland   (Click to enlarge)

The march gave voice to the mass anger rising against unending austerity from the Con-Dem government in Westminster, passed on by the SNP Scottish government and Labour councils across Scotland.

Through the march, Scotland's youth and the wider working class, suffering mass unemployment and cuts, were given a fighting strategy and solutions to the crisis of capitalism in the mass media.

The marchers raised the need for young people and the organised working class through the trade union movement to come together to confront austerity, and for the trade unions to show a lead by coordinating their power into a 24-hour general strike.

For four days, Scotland's second biggest selling newspaper, the Daily Record, ran features, photographs and interviews with marchers.

The Daily Record used the march as the main reference point for its mobilisation campaign for the Scottish Trade Union Congress (STUC) demonstration.

Marchers were able to put forward: Our demand for a mass programme of job creation and public works, a critique of austerity capitalism and support for struggles of workers in Europe - such as the Spanish miners' march to Madrid, to a readership of over 400,000.

Marchers were also interviewed on two of BBC Scotland's most popular shows, Good Morning Scotland and Call Kaye Adams.

The Good Morning Scotland interview took place on the first day of the march, coinciding with unemployment figures showing a higher increase in joblessness in Scotland than the rest of Britain.

We were able to counter arguments that Scottish young people are lazy and called live on air for coordinated general strike action by the trade unions.

We debated with business representatives and Labour MP Willie Bain on Call Kaye, raising opposition to Glasgow City Council's cuts programme and calling for real skilled apprenticeships instead of workfare.

The march was also featured on television news on the BBC and STV.

The forty mile route, over three days, took us from Stirling to Larbert, Milngarvie and through North West Glasgow into the city centre.

Marchers braved appalling weather conditions to tell all they saw to come onto the streets of Glasgow with the trade unions on Saturday 20th Ocotber and to get organised against austerity.

Scotland YFJ marchers at Maryhill, October 2012, photo YFJ Scotland

Scotland YFJ marchers at Maryhill, October 2012, photo YFJ Scotland   (Click to enlarge)

Workers beeped horns along the road or stopped driving to donate to the march and we were applauded by shoppers in Glasgow and joined spontaneously by local youth for the last mile.

The route showed us the devastation wreaked on working class communities by decades of austerity, from the pit villages on the outskirts of Stirling that Thatcherism has made ghostly, to the town of Kirkintilloch, built as part of the mass council housing programme by the Labour government that now suffers high levels of drug addiction and unemployment.

We were met by PCS members showing solidarity at the DWP offices in Glasgow Northgate on the last leg of the march.

The STUC and PCS organised a reception for marchers when they reached Glasgow. Speakers at the reception included John McInally, national vice president of the PCS and Dave Moxham, deputy general secretary of the STUC.

Dave Moxham, highlighting the mass media coverage the march had received, said that the marchers had "captured the heart and imagination of the trade union movement and had played a role in convincing thousands to march on October 20th".

The marchers, in red t-shirts, chanting "public sector, private sector, unite and fight, let's build a general strike", proudly led the PCS contingent on October 20th.

PCS Scottish Secretary Lynn Henderson got one of the loudest cheers of the STUC rally in Glasgow Green, when she called for applause for the "brave young people and trade unionists who have marched from Stirling".

Scotland YFJ marchers  reach Glasgow, October 2012, photo YFJ Scotland

Scotland YFJ marchers reach Glasgow, October 2012, photo YFJ Scotland   (Click to enlarge)

The march has lifted the profile of Youth Fight for Jobs and the PCS Young Members Network onto a national level and has given concrete demands to enraged, politicised young people.

School student marcher David Mundt commented: "I felt that the march was a great success and received tremendous support from the public - which highlights the discontent with the cuts.

"Even though it was hard-going and at times it would've have been easy to give up, I kept going because our cause is just.

"We need to build on the success of the march and sustain a strong campaign to fight austerity".

Youth Fight for Jobs is going to do exactly that. We are discussing organising further marches, strengthening links with the trade unions and launching a specific campaign around apprenticiships and job creation.

This version of this article was first posted on the Socialist Party website on 22 October 2012 and may vary slightly from the version subsequently printed in The Socialist.

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