London mayor pressing ahead with fire service cuts

Information from Paul Neale, FBU:

Boris Johnson has yesterday formally overruled the London fire authority and is pressing ahead with fire service cuts. Labour is demanding an urgent recall of the authority. The FBU will lobby the meeting. Further details when date is confirmed.

Paul Neale FBU : 0750 006 7069 (save our fire stations)


Paula Mitchell interviewed Paul Neale (1st February):

So Boris Johnson has overruled the decision made by the London fire authority last week. What has been the reaction of firefighters to this?

Unfortunately the vast majority of firefighters fully expected this old Etonian, who has never had to endure hardship in his life, when he didn’t get his own way to just bully his way through. This isn’t the first time we’ve had to deal with political bullies, but he, like others won’t be held accountable for this, it will be left to us to deal with the aftermath.

What does Johnson’s consultation entail?

The consultation will be a meaningless exercise that by law has to be carried out, which unless it supports him he will ignore.

What are the FBU’s plans now?

All of us now have a part to play, with the FBU being at the centre of it. Those stations threatened with closure have already started excellent campaigns. We will hold various demonstrations across London.

Do you think there will be strike action to defend jobs and stations?

Nothing can now be ruled out as this is just the start of job losses and station closures with many more on the table.

What support can other trade unionists, socialists and the public give?

We ask that everyone, regardless of the fact that your local fire station may not be earmarked for closure, now do the following:

1. Go online and email your MP/local councillor. The links can be found on London FBU website or twitter @dontshutfirestn

2. Sign our petitions which can be found at fire stations

3. look out for any events we are holding and come and support us

4. Contact local/national newspapers via their letters section voicing your concerns (save our fire stations)


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