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Posted on 15 October 2018 at 10:48 GMT


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Socialism - the podcast of the Socialist Party

A weekly Marxist podcast analysing the big issues of the moment for politics and society. From Corbynism, to the NHS, to liberation struggles - we look at the ideas and debates on how to take the movement forward from a socialist perspective.

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Available so far:

28. Terrorist atrocity in Sri Lanka

Isai Priya, from Tamil Solidarity, joins us in the aftermath of the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka to discuss the outrages and the social and political situation in the country.
Useful further reading:

27. The National Question, Ireland and Brexit

Niall Mulholland, from the Committee for a Workers' International, discusses a socialist approach to the national question and how that applies to Northern Ireland today.
Useful further reading:

26. Terrorism

Judy Beishon from the Socialist Party's executive committee joins us to discuss the causes of terrorism, how it manifests today and why a socialist programme is the only way to stop it.
Useful further reading:

25. What way out of the Brexit impasse?

Paula Mitchell from the Socialist Party's executive committee examines the latest Brexit news and puts forward what Corbyn should be doing and saying to lead a way out of the deadlock in the interests of the working class.
Useful further reading:

24. Glasgow equal pay victory

We're joined by Philip Stott from our Scottish sister party to explain the lessons from the victory of workers in Glasgow City Council following their strike action in October.

Useful further reading:

23. Climate strikes and school student unions

Socialist Students national organiser Theo Sharieff joins us to discuss ideas on the way forward for the climate strikes movement, including the possibility of establishing school students unions.
Useful further reading:

22. Honda and socialist nationalisation

Rob Williams, the Socialist Party's industrial organiser, discusses the threat to the Honda car plant in Swindon and the Socialist Party's demand for nationalisation.
Useful further reading:

21. A turning point for Corbyn's Labour leadership?

We talk to Hannah Sell, Socialist Party deputy general secretary, about the latest developments in the Labour Party, including the Independent Group split and the suspension of Chris Williamson.
Useful further reading:

20. Is climate change a political issue?

Chris Baugh, Socialist Party member and assistant general secretary of the PCS civil servants' union (personal capacity), speaks to us about what type of change is necessary to truly combat climate change.
Useful further reading:

19. #schoolstrike4climate

Socialist Students national organiser Theo Sharieff and London Socialist Party youth and student organiser Helen Pattison join us to discuss the recent student climate strikes.
Useful further reading:

18. Socialism: Utopian and Scientific

Ben Robinson from Socialist Books discusses the latest publication of this Frederick Engels' classic and why it's so relevant today.
Useful further reading:

17. What's happening in Venezuela?

CWI secretary Tony Saunois gives analysis of the attempt to remove Maduro from power in Venezuela, and the lessons for left governments and parties internationally.
Useful further reading:

16. Are no-cuts council budgets possible?

We speak to Clive Heemskerk from the Socialist Party executive committee about a strategy for struggle against local government cuts.
Useful further reading:

15. May's government in crisis

Socialist Party executive committee member Judy Beishon analyses the latest Brexit developments after the historic defeat of May's deal and the first attempt at a no-confidence vote in parliament.
Useful further reading/listening:

14. GRA Reform

Sarah Sachs-Eldridge, the Socialist Party's national organiser, discusses the proposed reform of the Gender Recognition Act, and a socialist programme for united struggle for Trans rights.
Useful further reading:

13. 2019

Socialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe gives an analysis of the political processes and trends we can expect to see continued and escalated in 2019 - from economic crisis, to Brexit chaos, to shifting world relations.
Useful further reading:

12. The Gilets Jaunes

Clare Doyle from the CWI and Socialist Student national chair Theo Sharieff join us to discuss the movement sweeping France, what it symbolises and what we can learn from it here.
Useful further reading:

11. Tory Brexit chaos

We discuss with Hannah Sell following Theresa May being forced to abandon the planned parliamentary vote on her Brexit plan, and the initiation of a vote of no confidence in her from within the Tory Party.
Useful further reading:

10. Economic crisis - ten years on

Steve Score from the Socialist Party's national committee discusses the financial crash of 2007/8, its causes and implications.
Useful further reading:

9. When revolution ended World War 1

We speak to Bob Labi from the Committee for a workers' international about why World War 1 ended when it did, and particularly the role of radicalisation and revolution.

8. Who is Bolsonaro and how did he get elected?

Secretary of the CWI Tony Saunois talks about the election of the far-right Bolsonaro in Brazil, what it indicates and what can be done about it. 19/11/18
Useful further reading:

7. What is Trumpism?

We talk to US socialist Bryan Kolouris about the nature and threat of Trumpism. 12/11/18
Useful further reading:

6. What's the big deal about the unions?

Rob Williams, Socialist Party industrial organiser, talks about the importance of the trade unions, their potential role, and what’s necessary to transform them. 5/11/18
Useful further reading:

5. A socialist view of Brexit

Clive Heemskerk, the deputy editor of Socialism Today, discusses Brexit, the problems it presents for the capitalist class and what it really means for workers. 29/10/18
Useful further reading:

4. Is the far right on the rise?

Socialist Party executive committee member Paula Mitchell looks at the nature and relative strength of the far right and the populist right today, and how a movement to defeat them can be built. 22/10/18
Useful further reading:

3. Antisemitism - what it is and how to fight it

In light of the smears against Jeremy Corbyn, Judy Beishon, a member of the Socialist Party's executive committee, explains the origins of antisemitism, its nature today and what's necessary to end it. 15/10/18
Useful further reading:

2. Politics in Britain today

After the party conferences this autumn, Socialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe discusses the trends in politics in Britain at the moment - from two parties in one within Labour to the Tories' Brexit crisis. 15/10/18
Useful further reading:

1. Socialism

Socialist Party deputy general secretary Hannah Sell discusses what we mean by socialism, what the Socialist Party stands for and why we're launching a podcast. 15/10/18
Useful further reading:

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