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Socialist Party: Campaigning for the NHS

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Leeds – NHS isn’t failing, private companies are

The Socialist Party received a warm response from the public when out campaigning on the NHS on 3 October. Five of those who came up to the campaign stall donated £5 each to our Fighting Fund.

We called for a properly funded NHS, with a 15% pay rise for NHS and care workers. We also called for an end to NHS privatisation, including nationalising Covid testing and tracing.

One nurse who signed was furious that the NHS was getting blame for the failures of test and trace: “It’s not us that are failing, but private companies like Serco and G4S who are being paid exorbitant sums to jeopardise people’s lives and livelihoods.”

Iain Dalton

Coventry – NHS workers don’t feel safe

Grim weather didn’t stop dozens of residents and NHS workers signing the Socialist Party petition to scrap hospital parking charges on 3 October. One woman, whose granddaughter is a nurse, told us she thought the parking charges were “absolutely disgusting”.

Most NHS workers who signed took our ‘fight NHS low pay’ leaflet, which explains the crucial role trade unions can play in fighting for decent pay.

Increasingly, NHS staff are telling us they are seriously worried that Covid outbreaks will spread around staff. Several workers told us they just do not think their workplaces are safe.

The editorial of the Socialist pointed out the need for democratic working-class control of health and safety – see ‘Covid restrictions expose Tory splits’ at

Adam Harmsworth