Workers march for jobs in Cardiff

About 200 Unite and GMB members from power stations from across South Wales marched for jobs through Cardiff city centre on 21 February. This included a number of unemployed members.

The stewards were very clear that they were demanding that trade union agreements should be adhered to and opposed the bosses’ attempts to undermine these agreements. On one contract the unions negotiated the same terms and conditions for all the workers, including 30 Polish workers. This shows the real potential of trade union organisation and action.

Disgracefully, UK Independence Party (UKIP) members turned up to try to exploit some of the biased media coverage over migrant workers. But they got short shrift from the trade unionists.

The speakers at the rally correctly criticised the opportunist approach of UKIP and the far right parties in Europe, who always oppose any legislation to protect or enhance workers’ rights. Any attempts by employers to divide and defeat the working class need to continue to be robustly challenged to take the movement forward.

Katrine Williams, PCS Wales chair, personal capacity