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The Case for Socialism

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Join us!

If you agree with this short pamphlet, then join the fight for socialism - join the Socialist Party. The struggle for socialism needs your talents and abilities.

The Socialist Party is at the forefront of every struggle against austerity, from the campaign against evictions to the struggle to save the NHS.

We also fight for improvements for the working class under capitalism. However, we recognise that capitalism will never accept permanent or lasting reforms that significantly improve the living conditions of the working class.

The battle against austerity therefore has to be linked to the socialist transformation of society. Our struggle does not stop at the shores of Britain.

Capitalism is an international economic system. Multinational companies exploit the entire world in pursuit of profit.

The struggle for socialism is an international struggle. That is why the Socialist Party is affiliated to the Committee for a Workers' International, which fights for socialism worldwide.

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