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The Case for Socialism (2009)

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Public services

PCS workers go on strike to protect our services, photo Peter Haddon

PCS workers go on strike to protect our services, photo Peter Haddon   (Click to enlarge)

In New Labour Britain, privatisation rules. New Labour's sudden support for nationalisation of the banks will not prevent it continuing to try and sell off other public services, although in some cases it may find fewer buyers! Privatisation of our public services is undermining our quality of life.

The government has consistently claimed that privatisation can offer good public services. This is baloney. Private companies exist to make a profit. They will only invest if they think they can make money. When they invest in our public services, their profits are coming from the taxes we have paid. That means money is being transferred directly from our services into the fat cats' pockets - not only from our services, but from those of future generations.

The Private Finance Initiative is mortgaging the future. It commits our children and grandchildren to continue paying the profiteers for many decades to come.

If you are denied a hospital bed, if your education services are cut, if your library or post office is being closed, then chances are it's because big business has decided it can't make enough money.

Privatisation means massive risk-free profits for big business and poor public services for us. We demand that all privatisation of public services is reversed. Under the next government, probably Tory, privatisation is likely to accelerate unless a massive campaign is organised in defence of public services.

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