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From: The Socialist issue 907, 22 June 2016: After the EU referendum...get the Tories out!

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After the EU referendum... Get the Tories out!

Tory-busters: organise, strike, resist

Tory-busters: organise, strike, resist   (Click to enlarge)

Whatever the referendum result, working and middle class people will still have to fight austerity cuts to our living standards and privatisation of our public services, working and middle class people will still have to fight austerity cuts to our living standards and privatisation of our public services.

We will still have to fight the bosses' profit system to reverse the widening wealth gap between the tiny minority of tax-avoiding super-rich billionaires and the rest of us. We will still have to fight to end the rule of the greedy mega-corporations and their exploitative work practices of zero-hour contracts and low pay.

But make no mistake, a majority Leave vote will remove one obstacle in the way to changing society and providing decent living standards and fully funded public services. It will also add the bonus of rupturing the deeply divided Tories and possibly forcing an early general election.

Lame duck

But even if Cameron wins a Remain vote - with, to their shame, the backing of a majority of Labour MPs - especially if the vote is close, he will still be seen as 'lame duck' prime minister. Moreover, he will have to settle accounts with his large bloc of Tory eurosceptic MPs, again possibly provoking splits and resignations.

After all, John Major won a leadership re-election against his eurosceptic "bastards" only for the hapless Tory PM to get hammered in the 1997 general election.

In the referendum the official Remain and Leave campaigns have been dominated by rich Tories with the likes of millionaire racist Ukip leader Nigel Farage thrown into the mix. Unfortunately, because Jeremy Corbyn switched to a pro-EU stance and because many trade union leaders also backed this mistaken 'social Europe' position, the socialist alternative to the bosses' EU struggled to be heard.

But once the dust over the referendum campaign settles, working class people will take stock. Many will begin to draw the same conclusions as the Socialist Party; that the establishment politicians and their rotten capitalist system must be fought and brought down.

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