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26 January 2022

Barts NHS workers strike back

Nearly 600 health workers at Bart's health trust are striking for fair pay, and against increasing workloads and bullying.

More ...

26 January 2022

Wakefield TUSC - Fighting for low-paid workers and NHS

Wakefield Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) held its first public meeting of the new year on 20 January, in person and via Zoom, to deal with the urgent question of working-class political representation.

More ...

26 January 2022

Selling the Socialist

On our Socialist Party campaign stalls about rising gas and electricity prices, we have spoken to lots of people concerned and angry about the situation

More ...

26 January 2022

News in brief

Government considers green levy cut: Energy bills are going through the uninsulated roof and the government is under pressure. The Energy Company Obligation could be under threat. This 1 billion levy on energy bills pays for energy efficiency

More ...

19 January 2022

Tories hand cash to private health profiteers

Nationalise private health and big pharma: Private hospitals are set to receive up to 525 million of public money in a deal negotiated by a Tory minister

More ...

19 January 2022

Tory vaccine sacking threat set to deepen NHS staffing crisis

86,000 NHS staff face the sack in April if they do not have the Covid-19 vaccine.

More ...

19 January 2022

No trust in Tories to keep us safe

For democratic workers' control of Covid safety: The self-isolation period after a positive Covid test has been reduced from seven days to five, with negative lateral flow tests on days five and six

More ...

12 January 2022

Low pay, stress and Covid drive: NHS staff crisis

Over 20 NHS trusts have declared critical incidents amidst staff shortages.

More ...

12 January 2022

Free prescriptions? Maybe when you're older

The government has a proposal on the table to raise the qualifying age for free medical prescriptions from 60 to 66

More ...

12 January 2022

North London NHS - "It's going to be us who saves it"

The newly formed branch of Unite the Union for Migrant, Food, Retail and Services workers, and Day-Mer, a Turkish and Kurdish community organisation in north London, held a rally outside North Middlesex Hospital on 8 January, with the demand: 'Fund the NHS and keep it public'

More ...

6 January 2022

Coventry: Private profits from hospital parking

At our last Socialist Party campaign stall of the year on 18 December, we gathered more signatures in support of the bin workers' strike.

More ...

6 January 2022

NHS Covid staff crisis

The number of NHS trusts which have declared critical incidents because of Covid staff shortages is into double figures and rising

More ...

15 December 2021

Fighting union leadership needed to win NHS pay rise

Staff in the NHS are waiting with baited breath for the results of the pay ballots in Unite and the GMB

More ...

15 December 2021

Tory cuts and privatisation leave NHS in crisis

15% pay rise - end staff shortages: Despite already losing 610 NHS beds in Devon, there are plans to cut even more.

More ...

15 December 2021

Barts health workers to strike for a pay rise

Nearly 600 health workers employed at Bart's health trust, including Royal London, Whipps Cross and St

More ...

15 December 2021

Save St Mary's Leisure Centre in Southampton

Southampton Council says its priority is our health and wellbeing, but it seems St Mary's can do without

More ...

15 December 2021

TV review: Vaccine Wars: The Truth About Pfizer

Nationalise the pharmaceutical giants: This Dispatches programme reveals the enormous profits made by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, the lack of vaccines sent to poorer countries, and how Pfizer money helps spread misleading claims about rivals.

More ...

8 December 2021

Unite to fight for pay and NHS we deserve

Staff shortages, sickness levels and burnout. Issues that were there before the pandemic have only been made worse.

More ...

8 December 2021

Covid news in brief

Javid tells gps to drop health checks for elderly: Facing up to the potential effects of the new Omicron Covid variant, and anxious to avoid introducing further lockdown measures, the government has declared its mission to deliver a booster vaccine.

More ...

1 December 2021

Covid-19: New variant emerges but same old capitalist disease

New Covid-19 variants are inevitable but the threat to world health comes from profit-driven capitalism.

More ...

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