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Troops out of Iraq

No to terrorism - No to war

For a united demonstration against terrorism and war

Strike against the war machine, March 5 student demonstrationsTONY BLAIR has attempted since the London bombings to claim there is no connection between the appalling events in London on 7 July and his government's involvement in the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Ken Smith

But, opinion polls and a think tank report out this week show that Blair's desperate lies are overwhelmingly being rejected. Even some who previously supported Blair are coming out against him.

The Guardian/ICM poll shows that two-thirds believe the London bombings are linked to the Iraq war. Even the right-wing Chatham House organisation, formerly loyal supporters of Blair's foreign policy adventures, released a report this week saying: "There is no doubt that the situation over Iraq has imposed particular difficulties for the UK."

The Chatham House report also made it clear that "the conflict gave a boost to the al-Qa'ida networks." They added that the key problem for preventing terrorism was that Britain is "riding as a pillion passenger with the United States in the war against terror."

Yet, the response of Blair and his followers is to dismiss any connection between their actions in supporting US imperialism's disasters in Iraq and the Middle East and the events of recent weeks. Sir Ian Blair, head of the Met Police disgracefully accused the Muslim community of being "in denial" but it is the political establishment who are in denial.

More terror attacks likely

The socialist totally condemns the attacks in London on 7/7, as we condemned the attacks in Madrid and as we condemn the slaughter by imperialism in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East. But, unfortunately, more terror attacks remain likely to occur, shattering the lives of working-class people, while the British government continues to play a role in the oppression of Iraq and the peoples of the Middle East.

The Guardian/ICM poll concluded that 75% believe that it is inevitable that there will be more attacks.

All the security measures proposed by Labour and supported by the other establishment parties will not make life safer for working-class people in this country or end the suffering of the peoples of Iraq and the Middle East.

Tony Woodley, leader of the Transport and General Workers Union, said last week that it is important that all those campaigning against the war "are not silenced". His union's conference agreed by passing a resolution - against the leadership's recommendation - moved by Socialist Party members and supporters, calling for the immediate withdrawal of troops.

Demonstration call

The Socialist Party has called upon the Stop The War Coalition to deliver a swift response to Blair's desperate lies through a national demonstration within the next few weeks to show people are not intimidated. To show that we are united against terrorism but also just as united against the war and occupation, united against racism and in defence of civil liberties.

At present, the leadership of the Stop the War Coalition has not shown the same confidence, believing that vigils and protest meetings are enough to ensure the voice of the anti-war movement is heard.

We believe a more urgent response is necessary. Blair's smears can be most effectively answered by thousands of people marching against both the horrific terrorist attacks and the bloody reality of occupied Iraq.

[This edition of The Socialist, which features this article, was published the day before the London bombings of 21 July - ed]

out of Iraq: No to terrorism, no to war

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