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Signatories to the campaign for a new workers' party declaration

Whilst every effort has been made to get this list right, please contact us if there are any changes to make.

Trade Union Name Union position
AMICUS Graeme Jones AEEU-AMICUS Member    
AMICUS Valerie Pearce AMICUS Bracknell Branch
AMICUS Richard Newton Amicus Branch Chair
AMICUS Shaun Martell Amicus Chapel Committee
AMICUS Neil Adams AMICUS Health and Safety rep
AMICUS Fazia Hussain AMICUS Regional Organiser
AMICUS Mark Hoskisson Amicus Rep
AMICUS Ross Saunders Amicus Shop Steward
AMICUS Eric Segal AMICUS shop steward
AMICUS Bob Bradshaw Branch secretary, Amicus Coventry 7
AMICUS Mark Szokalo Branch treasurer, Amicus Coventry 7
AMICUS Mick Cotter Chair AMICUS (London United Craft Branch)
AMICUS Terry Pearce Chairman, AMICUS Branch, Bracknell
AMICUS John Sharpe FOC Eastway Offset Chapel
AMICUS Scott Herbert Joint treasurer, University of Leicester Amicus branch
AMICUS Grant Fryatt Nation Workplace Representative (1500 Members)
AMICUS Ron Isaacs Now retired, formerly convened two workplace groups, have been group secretary, group chair, branch secretary and branch chair
AMICUS David White retired member of Amicus ex TASS Divisional Secretary. Resigned member of New Labour (1997) after 30 years membership. Tony Benn's election agent 1979
AMICUS Steve Glennon Secretary of Stevenage and district trades union council and secretary of Stevenage Amicus MM branch
AMICUS Helen Steele Sheffield Amicus Nat West bank rep
AMICUS Dave Nellist Socialist Party councillor
AMICUS James Kerr Socialist Students Goldsmiths
AMICUS Alec Thraves Swansea AMICUS & Swansea Trades Council
AMICUS John Dolan  
AMICUS Keith Pattenden  
AMICUS Paul Smith  
AMICUS Chris Holmes  
AMICUS Anne Walder  
AMICUS Keith Dickinson  
AMICUS Geoff Jones  
AMICUS Chris Newby  
AMICUS Rob Diment  
AMICUS Domenico Hill  
AMICUS John Gillman  
AMICUS Tony McGill  
AMICUS Jon Dale  
AMICUS Sara Hamblin  
AMICUS Dennis Rudd  
ASLEF Peter Grant ASLEF/Chair,Drivers Company Council,Transpennine Express
ASLEF Graham Dean Branch Secretary
ASLEF R Cracknell Health and safety rep
ASLEF M Tanner Rep
ASLEF Pete  McNally Vice-chair,  ASLEF,  Worcester  branch,  personal  capacity
ASLEF A Barhts also RMT
ASLEF Richard Wesley also RMT
ASLEF P Stripling  
ASLEF D Salt  
ASLEF A G Smith  
ASLEF L V Omakey  
ASLEF N Soutar  
ASLEF R Taylor  
ASLEF C Small  
ASLEF D Smyth  
ASLEF R Wetton  
ASLEF M Moynihan  
ASLEF T Nevin  
ASLEF X Francis  
ASLEF Kevin Jones  
ASLEF I da Costa  
ASLEF M Quintea  
ASLEF E Halil  
ASLEF A Allen  
ASLEF N Edwards  
ASLEF S Fernandes  
ASLEF S Moret  
ASLEF R Ward  
ASLEF I Hicks  
ASLEF J Fisher  
ASLEF K Beard  
ASLEF P Hythe  
ASLEF J Franco  
ASLEF E Hill  
ASLEF M Ward  
ASLEF S Cain  
ASLEF M Hoskin  
ASLEF M Webster  
ASLEF R Wilton  
ASLEF M T Hindle  
ASLEF Ross Bristow  
ASLEF Tom Nairn  
ASLEF L Justice  
ASLEF G Adeoy  
ASLEF S Stylianan  
ASLEF Parkinson  
ASLEF Peter O Gorman  
AUT Jason Toynbee AUT Open University Branch
AUT Sue Atkins AUT Southampton Uni Executive Committee
AUT Richard Groves AUT University of Birmingham Branch
AUT Pete Dickenson Branch Committee member
AUT Dave Beale Branch executive of Manchester University AUT
AUT Mike Wride Cardiff AUT
AUT Phil Burton-Cartledge UK Left Network discussion list moderator
AUT Toby Abse Socialist Alliance NEC
AUT Phil Walden  
AUT Michael Carley  
AUT Alex Miller  
AUT Thomas House  
Connect Norman Hall  
CWU Clive Walder Assistant Secretary CWU Birmingham, Black Country & Worcester Branch
CWU Pav Alam Assistant Secretary CWU London CityWest branch and CWU National Race Advisory Committee
CWU Judy Griffiths Branch Secretary, Coventry CWU
CWU Scott McKie Coventry CWU rep
CWU Ali Moosa CWU Birmingham Engineering Branch rep
CWU Ian Hodgkins CWU Coventry committee member
CWU Gary Jones CWU NEC
CWU Bernard Roome CWU NEC
CWU Steve Wootton CWU South West Engineering Branch Committee member
CWU R. Garvey CWU Walthamstow
CWU Pete Moffatt CWU Workplace rep Coventry
CWU Trevor Prior CWU. Unit (sub) Rep Cambridge DO. Eastern No4 Branch Organiser
CWU Kevin Pattison Leeds Branch Committee
CWU Dave Salt Secretary CWU Birmingham, Black Country & Worcester Branch
CWU Bill Meeds Sheffield CWU Pensioners Section branch chair
CWU Lucas Kengne  
CWU W.Martin  
CWU Colin Wray  
CWU Patrice Langlois  
CWU J. P. Leks  
CWU Peter Redfarn  
CWU Rob Jennings  
CWU Liz Morton  
CWU I. Comrie  
CWU John Drust  
CWU Jim Acton  
CWU Debra Ellis  
CWU I. Pointer  
CWU Tom O'Sullivan  
CWU J. Bailey  
CYWU Jon Swift National Student Convener for the Community & Youth Workers' Union (CYWU)
FBU Jim Barbour FBU NEC
FBU P Dean FBU Greater Manchester
FBU Phil Capstick FBU Greater Manchester
FBU William Coats FBU Greater Manchester
FBU Stuart Wilson FBU Strathclyde
FBU Simon Priest FBU Weymouth
FBU Jimmy Quinn Northern Ireland FBU
FBU Stephen Boyd Northern Ireland FBU
FBU Tony Maguire Northern Ireland FBU
FBU G Bishop  
FBU Alan Allmark  
FBU Rea  
FBU Richards  
FBU Gordon Hannah  
FBU Paul Wilson  
GMB John Marston GMB Branch President
GMB Gavin Dudley GMB rep Newcastle
GMB Manny Dominguez Leeds General GMB/APEX Branch Committee member
GMB Jane James   
GMB R. Grintals Bradford
GMB Dave Church Democratic Labour Party
GMB Jeremy Dewar Editor of Workers Power
GMB Chris McNulty President Hatton Cross GMB British Airways Branch
GMB Bob Severn  
GMB Dean Jopson  
GMB Graham Lewis  
GMB Hannah Walter  
GMB R. Miskella  
GMB Charles Taylor  
GMB Dave James  
GMB Leslie North  
GMB Bill Dempsey  
GMBATU Jon Smith GMBATU branch sec Sheffield Childrens Hospital
GMBATU Angela Smith GMBATU NHS rep
GMBATU Tim van Tinteren  
GPMU D. Martin  
NAPO Jim Donnelly NAPO NEC Co-Representative and Warwickshire Branch Chair
NAPO Lawrie Coombs  
NASUWT John Williams  
NASUWT Clive Dunkley  
NATFHE Angie McConnell Chair of Equality Committee of NATFHE NEC
NATFHE Sasha Callaghan Chair of NATFHE Equality Advisory Council
NATFHE Bernice Waugh Chair of NATFHE in Wales
NATFHE Wendy Patterson Equality list moderator - NATFHE
NATFHE Pam Neild Executive Committee member NATFHE Wales
NATFHE Craig Lewis Executive Committee member of NATFHE Wales
NATFHE Dave Hamer Executive member NATFHE Wales
NATFHE Jim Tahakoordin NATFHE NEC and member of the Labour Party National Policy Forum
NATFHE Sue Thomas Vice Chair, Natfhe City College Birmingham
NATFHE Bill Hopwood memeber of NATFHE, candidate in Council elections in Byker
NATFHE Karen Acton  
NATFHE John Brissenden  
NATFHE David Esterson  
NATFHE H Morgan  
NATFHE Andy Smith  
NATFHE Steve Wallis  
NUJ Ian Slattery Huddersfield Socialist Students President
NUJ Christian Bunke NUJ Joint Branch Secretary
NUJ Molly Cooper NUJ NEC
NUJ Keith Sellick NUJ treasurer, RBI branch
NUJ Christine Thomas Secretary of the Campaign Against Domestic Violence
NUJ Ken Smith Stop the War Coalition Steering Committee (personal capacity), London Magazine NUJ
NUJ Tim Harris Barking Books Branch
NUJ Peter Taaffe General Secretary Socialist Party
NUJ Luke Aylward NUJ Lincoln and Peterborough Branch
NUJ Bill Mullins  
NUJ Tony Saunois  
NUJ Alison Hill  
NUJ Keith Hassell  
NUJ Roger Shrives  
NUM Mariam Kamish Tower Colliery NUM Lodge Committee
NUM Bryn Sims Tower NUM
NUM Peter Curtis Tower NUM
NUM Billy Teague Tower NUM
NUM George Edwards Tower NUM
NUM Harry Parfitt  
NUM Stephen Jones  
NUM Gareth Bishop  
NUT Kate Ford Associate Secretary of Hackney Teachers' Association, NUT
NUT Jason Travis Bolton National Union of Teachers Committee
NUT Val Cane Brighton & Hove NUT branch committee.
NUT Louise Thompson Chair Waltham Forest Tenants council and Newham NUT rep
NUT Nicky Downes Coventry NUT Equal Opportunities' Officer
NUT Jane Nellist Coventry NUT Joint Sec
NUT Sean McCauley Dudley Association Branch Committee
NUT Kirstie Paton Greenwich NUT committee
NUT Tim Woodcock Greenwich NUT Secretary
NUT Linda Taaffe NUT NEC
NUT P Forrester NUT rep
NUT Bernie McAdam President Sandwell NUT
NUT Roger MacKay President, Ipswich & District TUC, Secretary/Treasurer, Ipswich Association NUT
NUT Martin Powell-Davies Secretary Lewisham NUT
NUT Robin Pye St. Helens NUT branch secretary
NUT Rodney Kay-Kreizman Vice President Merton NUT
NUT Lawrence Stevens Vice-President, Lewisham NUT
NUT Dan Gillman Waltham Forest NUT EC
NUT Spencer Barnshaw Wandsworth NUT Joint Branch Sec
NUT Caroline Austin Newham
NUT Roger Silverman Newham NUT 
NUT Mark Dunnell Sheffield NUT
NUT Lucy Newsam  
NUT Ruth Harrison  
NUT Andy Pryor  
NUT Phil Rudden  
NUT Rob Morton  
NUT Heather Rawling  
NUT Ben Crozier  
NUT C Smith  
NUT J Sanderson  
NUT Georgie Trythall  
NUT J. Cockburn  
NUT Liz Filer  
NUT Carla Bowman-Vaughan  
NUT Ally Dworinak  
NUT Tony Baker  
NUT Phil Clarke  
NUT David Kaplan  
PCS Gavin Hartley Branch chair Preston PCS
PCS Dave Spagnol Branch Chairperson, PCS, DWP Outer East London
PCS Avril Lewis Branch Executive Committee member PCS union
PCS Tansy Feltis Branch Secretary PCS Food Standards Agency in Central London and Secretary London Left Unity
PCS Paul Owens Branch Treasurer for the PCS union at Tyne View Park
PCS Jackie Mahon DfES branch youth officer
PCS Alan Groves DWP PCS Branch Organiser
PCS Nigel Sheahan DWP PCS South East Regional Officer
PCS Chas Berry DWP PCS West Kent Branch Secretary and SE Regional Trade Union Side Secretary
PCS Paul Sutton Labour councillor on Stoke on Trent City Council
PCS Charles David Sutton PCS & UNITY. Also a Labour Councillor on Stoke on Trent City Council due for re-election in May 2007
PCS Mick Philipsz PCS Assistant Branch Secretary, London Branch, Department For Education and Skills
PCS Chris Baugh PCS Assistant General Secretary
PCS Dave Hardaker PCS assistant secretary Durham DWP branch, Sub branch secretary Durham jobcentreplus office
PCS Tracey Williams PCS Branch Committee
PCS Bash Chilwa PCS branch Officer
PCS Gloria Tanner PCS Branch Organiser, Swansea Pension Centre
PCS Paul Scott PCS Branch Secretary and Learning Officer
PCS David Robbie PCS branch secretary DWP Head Office branch, Sheffield
PCS Pam Gainer PCS Branch Secretary DWP West Midlands Regional Learning Officer
PCS Lindsey Baker PCS branch Secretary Sheffield Dfes
PCS Graeme Stuttaford PCS Branch Secretary, Department for Education and Skills London Branch
PCS Dave Bartlett PCS Branch Treasurer South Wales AMO
PCS Steve Pinder-Banthorpe PCS Branch Vice-Chair DWP
PCS Roger Thomas PCS Bristol Branch Chair; DETR Bristol & SW Regional Committee member    
PCS Bob Nash PCS Bristol Branch Committee member    
PCS Wayne Coombes PCS Bristol Branch Committee member    
PCS M. Graham PCS Coventry Contact Centre rep
PCS Robbie Faulds PCS DfES Group Executive Committee
PCS Tony Church PCS DWP Branch Secretary
PCS Angela Wallace PCS DWP City of Sunderland Branch Secretary
PCS G.K. Inagi PCS DWP Coventry & Warwickshire
PCS Ian Devoy PCS DWP Coventry & Warwickshire Assistant Secretary
PCS Steve Smith PCS DWP Coventry & Warwickshire Branch Organiser
PCS John Boyson PCS DWP Coventry & Warwickshire Health & Safety rep
PCS Katrine Williams PCS DWP GEC
PCS Kim Morgan PCS DWP Northern Regional Organiser
PCS Jane Aitchison PCS DWP President
PCS Steve Lloyd PCS DWP Sheffield branch and DWP group executive cttee member
PCS Linda Woollen PCS DWP Sheffield district branch organiser
PCS Andrea Higgins PCS DWP Sheffield district branch rep
PCS Rich Boswell PCS DWP Sheffield district branch rep
PCS Nigel Catling PCS DWP Sheffield Head Office branch organiser
PCS Kath Housley PCS DWP Sheffield Head Office branch rep
PCS Matt Price PCS DWP West Midlands Regional Organiser
PCS Richard Edwards PCS Eastern Region Vice Chair & DWP Regional Secretary (East of England)
PCS Tracy Edwards PCS EDS Group Organiser EDS/AFPAA Glasgow Asst Branch Sec
PCS Steve Cawkwell PCS full-time officer Yorks and humber
PCS Mairtin Gardner PCS GBC Branch Executive Committee
PCS Sue Downey PCS GEC
PCS Emmet O'Brien PCS GEC member MP Group
PCS Dave Hassett PCS Inland revenue assistant branch sec
PCS Emma Beck PCS Inland Revenue Branch, Health and safety rep
PCS Ian Bartholomew PCS Job CentrePlus Yorks/Humber Regional Secretary
PCS Julie Kelly PCS Land Registry Group President
PCS Brian Simmons PCS Met Police Group Executive Committee
PCS Nigel Venes PCS National Organiser
PCS Kevin Kelly PCS National Vice-President
PCS Marian Lloyd PCS NEC
PCS Chris Morrison PCS NEC
PCS Sevi Yesidalli PCS NEC
PCS Rob Williams PCS NEC
PCS Kevin Greenaway PCS NEC
PCS Danny Williamson PCS NEC
PCS John McInally PCS NEC
PCS Mark Baker PCS NEC
PCS Bob Stephenson PCS Office and Branch Rep, Job Centre Plus Lincoln
PCS Janice Godrich PCS President
PCS Martin Clements PCS Regional Vice-Chair Yorkshire and Humberside Region
PCS Stephen Hetterley PCS rep
PCS Paul Carter PCS rep
PCS Chris Hodder PCS rep at Inland Revenue Coventry
PCS Steve Gee PCS Rep LSC National Office
PCS Mark Everden PCS rep, DWP Brighton
PCS Tom Bishell PCS Sheffield DWP branch chair
PCS Bernie Lyons PCS South West Regional Committee member
PCS Jo Wilmott PCS Vice Chair
PCS Karen McCormick PCS Womens Officer Sheffield Dfes
PCS Jodi Moffat PCS,Organising Officer
PCS Lesley Crowden DWP Leeds
PCS Linda Knox DWP Leeds
PCS Mark Barker IMP Court Liverpool
PCS C Greenburg Job Centre Walthamstow
PCS J Collins Job Centre Walthamstow
PCS L Martin Job Centre Walthamstow
PCS D Fitzgibbons Job Centre Walthamstow
PCS M Mughal Job Centre Walthamstow
PCS Jo Bush Job Centre Walthamstow
PCS C Smith Job Centre Walthamstow
PCS S Ahmed Job Centre Walthamstow
PCS A Ahmed Job Centre Walthamstow
PCS D. Jones JobCentre Plus
PCS Mike Price PCS DWP Branch Asst Secretary
PCS Anton Pryczka PCS DWP Branch Learning coordinator Bridgend RCT
PCS Jimmy Gill PCS DWP Branch organiser Cardiff & District
PCS John Waters PCS DWP Branch Secretary Bridgend RCT
PCS Mike Degnam PCS Hull
PCS Amanda O'Sullivan PCS Inland Revenue
PCS Sue Jameson PCS Local Office Secretary
PCS F. Sesay PCS member Westminster jobcentre
PCS Julian Wilson PCS South East Valuation
PCS Amy Chleblia PCS Young Members Network
PCS Sarah Mayo PCS Youth Network
PCS Gareth Lewis PCS youth section
PCS Dave Warren PCS, DVLA
PCS Carol Warren PCS, HMRC
PCS Simon Elliot Personal case officer
PCS G (?) Thomas  
PCS W. Murphy  
PCS Lee Rock  PCS National Secretary, PCS Socialist Caucus
PCS S Hollamby  
PCS A Kemp  
PCS Mike Cooper  
PCS W Firtcher  
PCS J Davison  
PCS Lindsay Black  
PCS Chris Munday  
PCS P. Sterling  
PCS Kerry Dorset  
PCS Pete Wells  
PCS David Irvine  
PCS Bill Shepherd  
PCS Nick Murphy  
PCS Alexis Edwards  
PCS MM Lascelles  
PCS Karen Bertram  
PCS Helen Woomble  
PCS Ken Toulson  
PCS Mike Dougan  
PCS Adam Staniforth  
PCS Helen Foster  
PCS Mary Ruane  
PCS Mick Rooney  
PCS Keir Godfrey  
PCS Natalie Fox  
PCS Samantha Cox  
PCS Ian Thomson  
PCS George Hancock  
PCS A. Probert  
PCS John Hudson  
PCS Yuen Cheung  
PCS R. Taylor  
PCS Andrew Barber  
PCS Brain Tucker  
PCS P. Grayson  
PCS Simon Dowoeswisk  
PCS Marie McDonough  
PCS Heulwen Davies  
PCS Phil Bishop  
PCS Adrienne Allinson  
PCS Greg Maughan  
PCS Kevin Dale  
PCS Joan Plummer  
Prospect Keith Ellis Prospect Branch Secretary, President Hull Trades Council
RMT Rob McMunn Branch chair Morden & Oval RMT
RMT Graham Geliher Mansfield Bus RMT Branch Secretary
RMT Kevin Bishop RMT Arnos Grove LU
RMT Mark Stanbridge RMT Brighton joint company council rep
RMT Lewis Peacock RMT/TU Representative
RMT G Watson Branch Chair
RMT D O Hanlon Branch Secretary
RMT Patrick Spackman  Bristol Rail RMT
RMT D Rayfield H+S rep
RMT G Fitzpatrick H+S rep
RMT F Curtis Industrial Rep
RMT D Bishop Regional membership secretary
RMT S Thompson Rep
RMT T Martin Rep
RMT P Dada Rep
RMT W Reid Rep
RMT Mashub Ali Ret Willesden Green
RMT Jared Wood RMT (London Underground)
RMT G. B. Watson RMT Finsbury Park
RMT Gary Harbord RMT London Piccadilly London West
RMT Steve Poole TFL No. 1 branch
RMT K Jackson Trustee
RMT Paul Bell Trustee
RMT L Regan  
RMT F Noor  
RMT I Martin  
RMT R Vinn  
RMT B Banner  
RMT Roddy Keenan  
RMT P Callcut  
RMT N Walker  
RMT K Zimmermann  
RMT Bob Law  
RMT Arwyn Thomas  
RMT O Shoyimi  
RMT D Chesson  
RMT B Kelly  
RMT J Sozou  
RMT K Mckenzie  
RMT John Antonaki  
RMT G Stables  
RMT R Hayhoe  
RMT Peter Hill  
RMT Saffeer Awan  
RMT D Panmer  
RMT M Basak  
RMT E Pidgeon  
RMT N Theobald  
RMT Tom Harris  
RMT J McLaren  
RMT D Williams  
RMT SA McCabe  
RMT M Page  
RMT J Mcallio  
RMT A Roberts  
RMT A Chaudhary  
RMT C R Smith  
RMT C Whitbread  
RMT B Duke  
RMT J Knight  
RMT John Reid  
RMT R Ramsey  
RMT S Wallace  
RMT Mike Shepherd  
RMT A Cross  
RMT NG Maass  
RMT Julian Cabey  
RMT Mr D Feguson  
RMT M McDonald  
RMT K Eva  
RMT M Moynihan  
RMT Trevor Graves  
RMT P Keatley  
RMT P J O'Boyle  
RMT Paul Davies  
RMT T Carr  
RMT G Ging  
RMT D Richardson  
RMT A Winchester  
RMT P Burgess  
RMT T Downes  
RMT Kanarien Vogel  
RMT P Hocter  
RMT Tom Street  
RMT Kristian Manson  
RMT P Boyle  
RMT R Lavender  
RMT M McLinton  
RMT M Ferryman  
RMT M Riley  
RMT C Hilling  
RMT F Berry  
RMT R Howell  
TGWU Richard Belbin Branch 8/9-214 (South Yorkshire Voluntary Sector) Branch Secretary
TGWU Dave Gorton Branch Employed Staff Officer, TGWU 1/372 Branch
TGWU Sarah Sanford Branch Secretary TGWU 1/460
TGWU Teresa MacKay Chair Agricultural Trade Sector TGWU
TGWU Chris Halls Chair Brighton TGWU branch
TGWU Andrew Coates Chair TGWU 1/40; Vice-Chair Ipswich & Dist TUC
TGWU Rob Williams Convenor, Visteon Swansea Plant, TGWU
TGWU Sarah Sachs-Eldridge National Convenor of ISR
TGWU Ray Apps Secretary Brighton TGWU branch
TGWU Kevin Parslow Secretary, TGWU Branch 1/1228-63
TGWU Jim Hensman T&G Shop Steward 5/832
TGWU Colin Canham TGWU Branch Secretary
TGWU Jim Horton TGWU Shop steward Walthamstow Citizens Advice Bureau
TGWU Nick Long T&GWU 1/1181 former branch convenor Green Party Candidate Lewisham West 2005
TGWU Robin Clapp TGWU 2/287
TGWU Frankie Connor TGWU branch, Visteon
TGWU Mike Gard TGWU branch, Visteon
TGWU Andy Beadle  
TGWU Neil McLennan  
TGWU Dave Moran  
TGWU Gordon Phillips  
TGWU Rob McSporran  
TGWU S. Wilson  
TGWU J. Hogan  
TGWU J. Humpries  
TGWU R. Buchanan  
TGWU Tom Ideatheston  
TGWU Tom Baldwin  
TGWU John Jones  
TGWU Hugh Caffrey  
TGWU Naomi Byron  
TGWU Colin Toogood  
TGWU Dave Reid  
TGWU Elizabeth O'Hara  
TGWU Pete Mason  
TGWU Alan Munroe  
TSSA AR Wood  
UCATT Terry Hayward London Region
UCATT Martin Reynolds  
UNISON Steve Bell Acting Branch Secretary Bucks Health Branch
UNISON Marc Glasscoe Assistant Secretary and International and Political Officer, Lincoln City Unison
UNISON John Malcolm Branch Chair TNEY health
UNISON Adrian O'Malley Branch chair, Wakefield & Pontefract Hospitals UNISON
UNISON Onay Kasab Branch Secretary, Greenwich UNISON
UNISON Mick Griffiths Branch Secretary, UNISON, Wakefield & Pontefract hospitals branch
UNISON Kath Smith Bromley UNISON Branch chair
UNISON Geoff Wright Bromley UNISON shop steward
UNISON Adam Jenkins Bromley UNISON shop steward
UNISON Paul Huburn Calderdale local government unison branch equal opportunities officer
UNISON George Binette Camden UNISON/co-convenor, Central Services, Joint Education Officer
UNISON Nancy Taaffe Campaigns Officer, Unison in Waltham Forest
UNISON Damon Gibbons Chair "Debt on our doorstep" campaign
UNISON M Waterfall Chair Hackney Unison   
UNISON Mike Forster Chief steward, Education Kirklees UNISON
UNISON Howie Paterson Communications Officer UNISON Liverpool JMU Branch
UNISON Brian Blake Convenor Individual Customer Services London Borough of Ealing for Ealing UNISON. Also member of Regional Local Government Committee for London.
UNISON Dave Auger Deputy Branch Secretary, Wolverhampton General UNISON
UNISON Jim Ennis Editor:
UNISON Paul Liversey Education officer Knowsley unison
UNISON Bill North General Secretary of Brighton, Hove and District Trades Union Council
UNISON Andy Tullis H&S Rep, Lambeth UNISON
UNISON Peter Louw Hackney UNISON steward
UNISON Brian Debus Joint branch secretary Hackney Unison
UNISON Len Hockey Joint Branch Secretary UNISON Waltham Forest Health Branch
UNISON Angelika Teweleit Joint Branch Secretary, Hackney UNISON
UNISON Dave Ellis Kirklees UNISON steward
UNISON Brian Loader NHSLA Alfreton Branch Secretary
UNISON Ronnie Job Secretary Swansea Trades Council
UNISON Karen Mackay Socialist Party councillor
UNISON John Ewers South West Gas Branch Secretary
UNISON April Ashley Southwark Unison/Deputy Housing Convenor
UNISON John Spiridon St. Anne's, Leeds Branch Chair
UNISON Nigel Poustie St. Annes, Leeds Unison Branch, Shop Steward
UNISON Jamie Davis UNISON Branch Equalities Officer Hampshire Constabulary
UNISON Tai Drameh UNISON Branch Secretary
UNISON Bob Marshfield     UNISON Bristol City Council Steward and Branch Executive Committee member    
UNISON Graham Hellawell UNISON Concern for Mental Health Steward
UNISON A. Andrews UNISON Deputy Head Porter
UNISON David Rawlinson UNISON Health Member
UNISON Josie Nicholls UNISON leicestershire County Council Branch secretary
UNISON Steve North UNISON rep in Education Services, Salford City
UNISON Andrew Walton UNISON rep Leicestershire Health Branch
UNISON Dan Jeffery UNISON Rep, Lewisham Council
UNISON June Olyett UNISON shop steward
UNISON Alan Whitlock UNISON shop steward
UNISON Paul Heron Unison shop steward - Lewisham Law Centre
UNISON Steve Cawley UNISON shop steward Newham local govt branch
UNISON Rob Rooney UNISON shop steward, Hull
UNISON Nick Chaffey UNISON Southampton District Local Government Branch Committee
UNISON D. Jones UNISON steward
UNISON A. Nwavhai UNISON steward
UNISON J. Bediash UNISON steward
UNISON John Cooke Unison steward
UNISON E. Maison UNISON steward
UNISON David Brown UNISON Steward
UNISON Cameron Russell UNISON steward
UNISON Martin Fage UNISON steward
UNISON Ian Thomson Unison Steward
UNISON Annoesjka Valent UNISON steward Hackney
UNISON Tim Huntley Unison Steward, Brighton & Hove City Council
UNISON Josie Kimber Unison Steward, Brighton & Hove City Council
UNISON Angela Waller Unison Steward, Kirklees Council
UNISON Dominic Smith UNISON Winchester Health Joint Branch Secretary
UNISON Suzanne Muna Unison, Housing Corporation Branch Chair / Housing Corporation Staff Side Secretary
UNISON Ian Leech Unison, Steward, glasgow unison
UNISON Vicky Perrin calderdale local government unison
UNISON Alan Stewart Convenor Ealing UNISON
UNISON Stan Keable Hammersmith Unison
UNISON P Willman Ealing
UNISON Anita Dickinson ex-NUT executive
UNISON Ray Barker Hackney UNISON
UNISON Will Leng Hackney UNISON steward
UNISON Gurmeet Khurana Lambeth UNISON
UNISON D. Beine Leeds LGI Branch
UNISON Mike Blackwell Local government rep
UNISON Michael Wood NHS York University
UNISON Diane Loaiker St. Anne's, Leeds Branch Member
UNISON Benjamin Okepeke St. Annes, Leeds Unison Branch member
UNISON Gary Freeman steward
UNISON Julia Leonard steward
UNISON R. Parts Steward Leeds University
UNISON Rob Horrocks Student nurse
UNISON Denise Dudley Tower Hamlets UNISON
UNISON Paul Hunt UNISON Coventry
UNISON Hugo Pierre Unison Education Convenor Camden
UNISON Sam Lesniak  
UNISON D. Lottrie  
UNISON M. Smith  
UNISON R. Billedo  
UNISON Claire Bradley  
UNISON M. Hagger  
UNISON Vicki Ingram  
UNISON Linda Reid  
UNISON Eleanor Donne  
UNISON J. Wurley  
UNISON T. Williams  
UNISON V. Nagla  
UNISON Tony Wilkins  
UNISON Paul Moorhouse  
UNISON M Baker  
UNISON Shirley Hardie  
UNISON Patrick Black  
UNISON Fiona Pashazadeh  
UNISON Al Lawal  
UNISON T. A. Sheehan  
UNISON Ruth McNally  
UNISON Geraint Jones  
UNISON Malcolm Emmerson  
UNISON M. Thomas  
UNISON Linda Keelan  
UNISON J. Hunt  
UNISON David Leach  
UNISON Luke Tibbits  
UNISON A. Molloy  
UNISON J. Edwards  
UNISON M. Samir  
UNISON Richard Wheeldon  
UNISON Eva Denyse Thomas  
UNISON D. Hilsden  
UNISON Sue Wheeldon  
UNISON Diane Simcox  
UNISON Bill Johnson  
UNISON C. Guiste  
UNISON R. Edwards  
UNISON Tim Lessels  
UNISON K. Welch  
UNISON Carol Hastings  
UNISON Mike Luff  
UNISON Roger Davey  
UNISON M Manly  
UNISON P. Atkinson  
UNISON Mel Baxter  
UNISON H McDonald  
UNISON Robert Crew  
UNISON Mark Dockrell  
UNISON Hilary Lester  
UNISON Bill Buchanan  
UNISON Keith George  
UNISON J. Buchanan  
UNISON Danny McGowan  
UNISON Marie Carroll  
UNISON Joe Nellist  
UNISON Roger Evans  
UNISON Mike Killick  
UNISON Colin Edgley  
UNISON Jim Doyle  
UNISON Gareth Pert  
UNISON S McDougall  
UNISON T Grimes  
UNISON S Hughes  
UNISON H Sharples  
UNISON Neil Sheridan  
UNISON Kimberely Brown  
UNISON Pete Leyden  
UNISON Claire Job  
UNISON Claire Buddle  
UNISON Kate Jones  
UNISON Chris Mooore  
UNISON Alison Higgins  
UNISON Chris Simpson  
UNISON Zaki Samwill  
UNISON Steve Nally  
UNISON Rosie Wrack  
UNISON Mark Milligan  
UNISON Hans Quist  
UNISON Jim Smith  
UNISON M Baxter  
UNISON S. Gillman  
UNISON Dominic Smith  
UNISON Elaine Brunskill  
UNISON Kevin McPuote  
UNISON John Hoare  
UNISON S Kelly  
UNISON Andrew Glasson  
UNISON Andy Bentley  
UNISON John Pike  
UNISON Mark Evans  
USDAW David Wright USDAW shop steward
USDAW Glyn Matthews USDAW shop steward
USDAW Sean Figg USDAW shop steward, Brighton
USDAW Alex Gounelas USDAW steward
USDAW Jean Walker  
USDAW Jon Redford  
USDAW Andy Warren  
USDAW Morys Ireland  
USDAW Luke Walter  
USDAW Lyndon Carroll  
None given David Osler Author, 'Labour Party plc: New Labour as a Party of Business' and former news editor of Tribune
None given Alex Bingham Cardiff University Socialist Students Treasurer
None given Steve Bush Chair of Taunton Deane Stop the War Coalition
None given James Mapstone Chair, C.R.I.SIS, Cardiff Royal Infirmary Save Its Services
None given Phil Pope Chair, Southampton Socialist Alliance
None given Jacqui Berry Chatham SP branch secretary
None given Calvin Payne Convenor "We Want Our Buses Back" campaign
None given Clive Heemskerk Deputy Editor of Socialism Today.
None given Lynn Walsh Editor of Socialism Today.
None given Bob Pearce Equity - thames variety branch committee member
None given Arran Cottam Exeter College SU Equal Opps & Welfare Officer
None given Sadiq Abara Lambeth College SU exec Adare centre rep.
None given Omar Richards Lambeth College SU exec Clapham
None given Duncan Parks Lambeth College SU exec Vauxhall centre rep.
None given Issa Hussan Lambeth College SU general secretary
None given Nick Parker Leicester University Student Union Campaigns and Representatives Committee Officer Without Portfolio
None given Paul Astbury Liverpool 47
None given Frank Mills Liverpool 47
None given Harry Smith Liverpool 47
None given Tony Mulhearn Liverpool 47
None given Emma Linacre Manchester Uni Student Council
None given Hayley Catchpole Mature Students and Post-Graduate Officer, University of Leicester Student Union
None given John Butters Musicians Union; Tresurer Ipswich & Dist TUC
None given Luke Cooper National Organiser, Revolution
None given Pete McLaren National Secretary, Socialist Alliance
None given Sheila Caffrey NUS Wales Women Committee
None given Kenny Cunningham President Chester TUC and Vice Chair Shell European Works Council
None given Rob MacDonald President Lambeth Student Union
None given Jim Thomson President of Exeter Socialist Students
None given Jim Cessford President of North Staffs TUC
None given Clive Williams President, Swansea Trade Union Council
None given Ramon Corria Secretary Cardiff Trades Council
None given Tony Greenstein Secretary of Brighton Unemployed Workers' Centre
None given Jackie Grunsell Secretary of Huddersfield 'Save our NHS' campaign
None given Ian Page Socialist Party councillor
None given Chris Flood Socialist Party councillor
None given Ben Robinson Socialist Students FE organiser and ISR Treasurer
None given Zena Awad Socialist Students National Co-ordinator
None given Tim Maguire Societies Representative, University of Leicester Students Union
None given Stephen Dobbs Southampton Uni Student Union Cultural Diversity Officer
None given Will Schafer-Peek Southampton Uni Student Union LGBT Officer
None given Mandy Marfleet Stoke-on-Trent College Students Union Executive Officer
None given Maria Colley Treasurer C.R.I.SIS, Cardiff Royal Infirmary Save Its Services
None given Thomas Penman University of Leicester Student Union LGBT Officer
None given Ian Whyles Whitwell Parish Councillor (Socialist Party) and Retired NUM member
None given Leigh Evans Allied Furniture Trade
None given Naomi Pascoe Anti-racism Cornwall
None given Peter Flack Assistant secretary, City of Leicester NUT; Leicester Social Forum
None given Joe Batchart                  BMA
None given Rebecca Stevens            BMA
None given Jessie Hodson Brighton ISR
None given George Collins Brighton Uni
None given James Lewis Brunel University Student
None given Bernie Breen C.R.I.SIS
None given Pete Wilson college student
None given Dave Isaacson CPGB
None given Sam Metcalf CPGB
None given Hannah Seaman DeMontfort Uni
None given Halfig Barry FE college student
None given Alex Georgiou Goldsmiths College
None given Judy Beishon Hands off Hackney Schools
None given Suzanne Beishon La Swap Sixthform College
None given Alison House Leeds Alliance for Green Socialism - founder member, Trades Union  BMA
None given Allan House Leeds Alliance for Green Socialism - founder member, Trades Union BMA
None given Luke Aspell NUS
None given Paul Tinworth NUS
None given Toby Harris NUS
None given Joseph Fathallah NUS
None given Rebecca Crowden NUS
None given Mark Cuthbert NUS
None given Leanne Wilcox NUS Cardiff University
None given Georgios Mataragkas NUS Cardiff University
None given J. S. Green Oxford Defend Council Housing
None given Leo Hood Pencoed College
None given Sachin Sharma Respect
None given John Bowden Revolution Leeds University
None given Lois Austin Save Peabody Homes
None given Christopher Huggins School student
None given Graham Campbell Scottish Socialist Party Convenor Black & Asian Network
None given Alison Owens Sheffield Hallam Uni NUS
None given Edd Mustill Sheffield ISR
None given Dick Dawson Sleaford association of casual labourers
None given Manny Thain Socialism Today Reviews Editor
None given Lynn Worthington Socialist candidate for Wythenshawe and Sale East
None given Steve Score Socialist Party East Midlands Organiser
None given Roy Farrar Socialist Party Merseyside Organiser
None given Dave Griffiths Socialist Party West Midlands Organiser
None given Alistair Tice Socialist Party Yorkshire Organiser
None given Ian Harris Socialist Students
None given David Marjoribanks Socialist Students
None given Cat Balsdon Socialist Students
None given Andy Waterman Socialist Students Portsmouth
None given Daniel Ashman Student
None given Hannah Dalgleish Student
None given Paul Beckford Student
None given Elliot Taylor Student
None given Lindsay Wheatcroft Student
None given Charlie Harvey student
None given Georgia Hataragkas student
None given Lee Dunkley Student
None given Fran Morton student
None given Ciaran Bermingham Sussex Uni NUS delegate
None given Max Kalininskij Sussex Uni NUS delegate
None given Genevene Heather Goodwin Training and Consultancy Company. Lioness Training
None given J. Parkin Wyndham and Comber T.A.
None given Sarah Farncombe  
None given T . Uthahasenan  
None given Chantelle Gardner  
None given Claire Smith  
None given Brian Shepperson  
None given Linda Marriott  
None given Marilyn Buchanan  
None given Steve Williams  
None given Beatrice Tiencheu  
None given Chris Brady  
None given Margaret Trotter  
None given Phil Sharpe  
None given Matt Probert  
None given Hannah Sell  
None given Jonathon Taylor  
None given John Waters  
None given Ninian Stott  
None given Anthony Molyneux  
None given Lynda Wiliams  
None given Martin Postlethwaite  
None given Thom G Goodman  
None given John Cahill  
None given Kate Campbell  
None given Malcolm Gill  
None given Kenneth Ihme  
None given Natasha Burke  
None given Paul Carter  
None given Max Toynbee  
None given Gary Kandinsky  
None given Jason Phillips  
None given Ali Jalali  
None given Ben Bennett  
None given Chauna McGarem  
None given Trevor Bolderson  
None given Monique Hirst  
None given J. Rowlands  
None given Iain Dalton  
None given Guy Poualev  
None given K Houghton  
None given Kristopher Gibson  
None given Duncan Money  
None given Kraig Brown  
None given Helen Kokkinos    
None given Eric Eastwood  
None given G. Delgaudio  
None given J. Bohan  
None given Kezia Bennett  
None given Chaminda Jayanetti  
None given Richard Brenner  
None given Tom Morton  
None given Stefan Gordon  
None given April Bennett  
None given P.J.Danby  
None given D.K. Warwick  
None given K. Rowlands  
None given Andrew Pyrah  
None given Steve Goodrich  
None given Matt Vesty  
None given V. C. Beadle  
None given Christine Thompson  
None given Graham C. Beadle  
None given Paul Williams  
None given Sarah Victoria Bruun  
None given Paul Grant  
None given Jason Mcintyre  
None given Camilo Tirado  
None given Joana Santos  
None given Duncan Light  
None given Helen Cunningham  
None given Sheree Hassack  
None given Maria Ryan  
None given William K Joul  
None given Mr A Craven  
None given Stephen Ballagher  
None given Samantha Walsh  
None given Debra Jackson  
None given Mr G Thomas  
None given Martin Sear  
None given Joe Cox  
None given Jenny Waters  
None given John Grayson  
None given Gemma Wilson  
None given Leah Jones  
None given Ben Golightly  
None given John Armstrong  
None given Paul Thomas  
None given P. Neesham  
None given Daphne Cross  
None given Karl Cross  
None given Alex Wilden  
None given Alex Maisey  
None given David E Reilly  
None given Nicholas Jones  
None given Kate Challender  
None given J. Robinson  
None given Liz West  
None given Ian Matthews  
None given Matthew Johns  
None given Paul Lowell  
None given James Lavery  
None given Poppy  
None given Paula Mitchell  
None given Lauren Verge  
None given Tina Turner  
None given Elaine Clark  
None given Jon Stanley  
None given John Boots  
None given Stephen Cammack  
None given Vincent Wackett  
None given Vic Golightly  
None given Julie Haley  
None given Dave Barette  
None given Yasmin Ahaman  
None given Magnus Werin  
None given Matthew Doyle  
None given John Edwards  
None given David Turner  
None given Penny McCafferty  
None given Benny Talbot  
None given Jim Stone  
None given Lee Hyett  
None given Tom Rutherford  
None given Gareth Chester  
None given James Lowe  
None given Paul Phillips  
None given Darren McDonald  
None given Ken Douglas  
None given Frankie Langland  
None given Darren Wise  
None given Carlene Edwards  
None given David Walter  
None given Michael Fahrenbruch  
None given Ketih Hussey  
None given Stuart King  
None given E. Lyons  
None given Julie Payne  
None given Lee Vernon  
None given Uthaya  
None given L. Lame  
None given Teresa Atkinson  
None given R. Bradbury  
None given B. Mason  
None given Greg Randall  
None given Stephen Donald Pitt  
None given Chris Hab  
None given M Khan  
None given Chloe  
None given A Thomas  
None given Abra  
None given Anton Jebaratna  
None given Mike Higgins  


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Campaign for a New Workers' Party conference, 19 March 2006

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Stoke: Socialist councillors do their job

Liberal Democrats turn right

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CWI proposals win support

Iraq: end this military adventure

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What will the Education Bill mean for schools?

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