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Archive article from The Socialist Issue 450

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No politics please, we're anti-war

AT THE Stop the War Coalition (STWC) Steering Committee on 15 July a resolution was moved by a UNISON delegate on developments in Italy and, in particular, the left party Communist Refoundation (RC).

The resolution "noted with grave concern" the decision of the RC to vote with Prodi's government coalition to maintain Italian troops in Afghanistan, correctly stating that this would be a "blow to the anti-war movement in Italy and across the world."

The resolution went on to call for the STWC to communicate our solidarity with the minority of RC senators and deputies who have declared they will vote against the government and for the withdrawal of the troops.

The STWC officers, including Socialist Workers' Party members, argued that as Stop the War is not a political party, but an anti-war movement, it would be a mistake to get involved in Italian politics!

The Socialist Party representative at the meeting argued against this. Since its inception, the anti-war movement has been both international (initiating massive worldwide demonstrations) and political (the task it has set itself is to build a movement against the warmongering of the capitalist politicians).

To express disappointment that a party, which played an important role in building the Italian anti-war movement and was now going to vote to keep troops in Afghanistan, and to salute those who have maintained their anti-war position, should be automatic. Unfortunately, the mover agreed to withdraw the resolution.


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and generals dragging us into quagmire'

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