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The Socialist 13 March 2019

Weak Tories must go. General election now!

The Socialist issue 1033

Anger after violent youth deaths - Communities need public services not cuts

Weak Tories must go. General election now!

Them & Us

History: Alice Wheeldon - an anti-war socialist persecuted by the state

The Socialist Inbox

International Women's Day protests

For socialist change, not climate change!

Southampton: Socialist stand against cuts

No to racism - Fight for socialism

Memorial to working-class fighters who fought fascism

Only socialist planning can save the planet: Build a mass working-class struggle to achieve it!

Neither Tories or EU - only fighting trade unions and a Corbyn-led government can deliver workers' rights

PCS union elections: Huge support for Chris Baugh

Newark NSK strike: "Even Victorian workers got a day off each week. We're expected to have just one weekend off every three weeks"

Breaking news: Birmingham bin workers' strike suspended pending new deal

Workplace news in brief

Tories out. Scrap Universal Credit. Fight for living wages and welfare!

Brazil: The Threats, attacks and contradictions of Bolsonaro's regime

Obituary Joan Beale - Labour women's activist and Militant supporter


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The Socialist 13 March 2019, Weak Tories must go. General election now!



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