The Socialist

The Socialist 13 May 2020

Stay alert to bosses putting profit before safety

The Socialist issue 1086

Stay alert to bosses putting profit before safety

Tories put profit before lives - unions must stand firm on workplace safety

Furlough scheme extended - workers need 100% of wages

No going back to unsafe schools

Dispatches from the front: bosses prepare fresh attacks on NHS

Transport union RMT tells members: refuse to work in unsafe conditions

Leicester care workers face pay cut and worse conditions

West Midlands trade union activists discuss the battle for safety on the front line

The Spanish Flu of 1918 and how it "fanned the flames of revolt"

A new world order - global reconstruction after World War Two

'Victory in Europe' 75th anniversary: A resurgent workers' movement and the fight for socialism

Pandemic shortages caused by capitalist market - socialist planning is the alternative

Safe social-distancing car-cavalcade protests

Starmer in full retreat over C-19 rents crisis

Johnson's plan terrifies me - readers react to lifting lockdown

Going Viral: Socialist comments and letters on the corona crisis


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