The Socialist

The Socialist 20 May 2020

Rich get handouts - workers get pay cuts

The Socialist issue 1087

Confidence plummets in Tory strategy for Covid-19

Staff and parents fight 'back to school' plans

Transport workers & passengers mustn't pay the price

Rich get handouts - workers get pay cuts

Contract tracer speaks out: Tories' plan is outsourced chaos

Crisis in council services: Labour must fight or stand aside

Furlough cut-off could force millions back to unsafe workplaces

Safe protests against Tory corona chaos continue

Johnson claims workplaces safe but HSE cancels inspections

Postal workers' action results in double victory for union

Trade unionists organise to fight for workplace safety in big NSSN meeting

Posties walk out in Peterborough after manager tests positive

Universal Basic Income: not a solution to insecurity and poverty under capitalism

The Jungle: capitalism's remorseless attack on workers' safety and conditions

Going viral: letters to the editors

Obituary: Rob Crabb

Trump, coronavirus, capitalism, and the presidential race


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