The Socialist

The Socialist 27 May 2020

Reckless, lying, cheats

The Socialist issue 1088

Reckless lying cheats

Schools aren't safe

United action can defeat Tories' dangerous school plan

Economic collapse leads to renewed protests across Lebanon

Chinese state's imposition of draconian law reignites Hong Kong protests

Care home workers suffer PPE shortage and job loss fears

More blunders and profiteering in Tory track-and-trace scheme

Eerily quiet before second wave - don't reopen schools!

Coronavirus pandemic news in brief

Black and Asian Covid-19 deaths: an indictment of capitalist inequality

Strong union response needed against job cuts

No return to unsafe construction sites

Energy firm plans to make 2,600 redundant

Fight P&O's billionaire bosses' jobs cut plan

Hull Trades Council debates workers' political representation

The 'Lucas Plan'

1920s Britain: A "country nearer Bolshevism than at any time since"

Mick Cotter 21-9-57 to 20-5-20

We need readers' support to fight capitalist crisis

Going viral - Socialist comments and letters


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