The Socialist

The Socialist 23 June 2021

NHS in crisis - 'It's time for action'

The Socialist issue 1139

Chesham and Amersham by-election

NHS in crisis - 'It's time for action'

Outsourced London hospital workers fight for better pay

Leicester private healthcare tragedy

Exeter Trades Council backs NHS protests

Northern Ireland and Brexit

Sacking non-vaccinated care workers will not save lives

Furlough reduction risks job losses

Building back better? Fight for a socialist recovery

Anti-protest bill breaches human rights

Tories deliberately underfund childcare

Unite general secretary contest: Vote for Sharon Graham

NSSN conference 2021: When given a lead workers will fight

Women and the criminal 'injustice' system

Tory review won't deliver justice for rape victims

Iran's presidential election

Are Biden's immigration policies a break with Trump's?

Interview with newly elected Unison NEC member and hospital worker

Gateshead: Bosses sack sparks protesting for safety measures

Oaks Park school strike against bully bosses

Leicestershire engineers' fifth week of strikes against fire and rehire

DVLA dispute: Escalation needed

Warehouse workers fight 50% cut in redundancy pay

Carmarthenshire: Fighting for trade union recognition at council-owned company

TUSC calls for local 'People's Budget' campaigns

Youth Fight For Jobs: more urgent than ever

London Socialist Party young members' day school

'Socialism is the hope of the world'

Fighting Fund target smashed!

Book review: Shuggie Bain

Response to Observer article on China


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The Socialist 23 June 2021, NHS in crisis - 'It's time for action'