The Socialist

The Socialist 2 June 2000

End The Class Divide

End The Class Divide

Revolt grows at Labour's health plans

Are the dotcoms deadcoms?

Stock markets: A Giant Gambling den

22-year Israeli occupation comes to inglorious end

Palestinian teachers fight


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The Socialist 2 June 2000, End The Class Divide

spotEnd The Class Divide

NEW LABOUR are panicking. They had hoped to call and win a general election next spring...

spotRevolt grows at Labour's health plans

THE GOVERNMENT are sending out 12 million leaflets this week, asking people what their top three priorities are for the NHS...

spotAre the dotcoms deadcoms?

THROUGHOUT THE 1990s, investors in shares just assumed that share prices would go ever upwards. But in recent months all the froth of the 'booming' internet companies - known collectively as dotcoms...

spotStock markets: A Giant Gambling den

Analysis: WHEN TV news bulletins try to explain financial matters they tend to lose their audience in a complex fog of FTSEs, Nasdaqs, trade deficits and so on...

spot22-year Israeli occupation comes to inglorious end

IN THE end one of the world's most efficient and well-armed fighting forces - the IDF - was defeated by a Islamic volunteer guerrilla force of about 5,000 men - Hizbollah (funded mainly by the Iranian regime but also influenced and supported by the Syrian government)...

spotPalestinian teachers fight

SINCE FEBRUARY, 27,000 Palestinian teachers from the West Bank have been on strike, demanding the implementation of the Service Law, and for democratic elections to the teachers' union...