The Socialist

The Socialist 23 June 2000

Victims of the Capitalist System

Victims of the Capitalist System

Asylum seekers: "We're not asking for charity"

Stand up to the Fascists

Labour's sell-off madness

Korean war 1950-1953: When the cold war caught fire

Korea today: Heading for reunification?


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The Socialist 23 June 2000, Victims of the Capitalist System

spotVictims of the Capitalist System

MOST PEOPLE were horrified when 58 migrants were found dead at Dover in a container meant to convey tomatoes. But the migrants weren't just killed by lack of air, writes Brian Debus, chair Hackney UNISON.

spotAsylum seekers: "We're not asking for charity"

AT PRESENT, 780 asylum seekers are known to Newcastle city council. Since April, 153 have been dispersed to the city under the new legislation. There are 3,000 asylum seekers in a Tyne and Wearside region...

spotStand up to the Fascists

IT TOOK just 15 minutes for the police to quick-march 30 or so National Front (NF) fascist thugs up Margate seafront on Saturday, writes By a Kent anti-fascist.

spotLabour's sell-off madness

THE MAIN air traffic control computer failed on 17 June, leaving thousands of passengers stranded. This was inconvenient enough for people wanting to travel but it once again exposed New Labour's privatisation...

spotKorean war 1950-1953: When the cold war caught fire

FIFTY YEARS ago, on 25 June 1950, the Korean War officially started. It was a "small war" and practically forgotten though it was much closer to instigating World War Three than anyone admits. It lasted...

spotKorea today: Heading for reunification?

IN THE rush to stem the tide of revolution which swept the Korean peninsula once the Japanese surrendered in mid-August 1945, 'an imaginary line' was agreed by the US and the USSR which severed the living body of Korea for over 50 years, writes Elizabeth Clarke.