The Socialist

The Socialist 1 September 2000

Turn the Heat on the Bosses

Turn the Heat on the Bosses

Cops Gear Up for Battle

What's behind the Loyalist Feud?

Action needed to defend Glenn Kelly

Venezuela: Revolution and counter-revolution


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The Socialist 1 September 2000, Turn the Heat on the Bosses

spotTurn the Heat on the Bosses

Have you had a holiday this year? Did you get a relaxing Bank Holiday break as well? Probably not according to recent surveys, which show how few holidays workers in Britain have compared to the rest of...

spotCops Gear Up for Battle

PREPARING FOR protests around the Olympics and the World Economic Forum's Asia-Pacific Summit in Melbourne, Australia's Federal government are rushing draconian new 'shoot to kill' legislation through parliament, writes Molly Cooper.

spotWhat's behind the Loyalist Feud?

THE LONG-simmering feud between the UDA/UFF and UVF last week spilled over into a bloody battle for control of the Shankill area, the loyalist heartland in Belfast...

spotAction needed to defend Glenn Kelly

BROMLEY COUNCIL'S vicious attack on Socialist Party member and UNISON branch secretary Glenn Kelly has plumbed new depths, writes Bill Mullins.

spotVenezuela: Revolution and counter-revolution

THE ELECTION of Hugo Chávez marks a new stage in the struggle of the working masses in Venezuela and reflects a new phase of upheaval throughout the continent...