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The Socialist 12 January 2001

Exposed: Labour's Election Hype

Exposed: Labour's Election Hype

Students worse off under Labour

Now the Party's Over

Hackney: stand up to these attacks

Hackney debate: How to take the dispute forward

Fight for all Vauxhall jobs

Import controls no solution

He who pays the piper...

Thousands rally in support of Czech TV workers


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The Socialist 12 January 2001, Exposed: Labour's Election Hype

spotExposed: Labour's Election Hype

TONY BLAIR, in best baby-kissing electioneering mode, seems to have changed New Labour's policy on teachers...

spotStudents worse off under Labour

STUDENTS TODAY are well-off. At least that is what Malcolm Wicks, New Labour MP for Croydon North, says, writes Kieran Roberts, Save Free Education and Socialist Students.

spotNow the Party's Over

What We Think: THE BELL is tolling for the decade-long US economic boom. With all the US economic indicators showing signs of slowdown, US Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan's surprise cut in US interest rates...

spotHackney: stand up to these attacks

MAX CALLER, Hackney council's managing director, and Hackney's councillors are giving council workers and residents no New Year's cheer, writes Chris Newby.

spotHackney debate: How to take the dispute forward

We have received a letter from John Page, branch secretary of Hackney Unison, taking up points made by Bill Mullins concerning the role of the negotiating committee of Hackney UNISON in the current dispute...

spotFight for all Vauxhall jobs

JUST BEFORE Christmas it was announced that when production of the Vauxhall Vectra was finished, the replacement model would not be made at the Luton plant, writes David Wevill, Vauxhall Ellesmere Port plant, personal capacity.

spotImport controls no solution

THE LUTON factory is surrounded by smaller supplier factories who were told they had to locate nearby or they'd lose their contracts with Vauxhall, writes Bill Mullins.

spotHe who pays the piper...

NEW LABOUR has reluctantly admitted receiving three individual donations of 2 million each. The three donors - supermarket magnate and government minister Lord Sainsbury, wealthy publisher Lord Hamlyn...

spotThousands rally in support of Czech TV workers

ON THE night of 3 January 100,000 people packed into Wenceslas Square, Prague, the Czech capital, in support of a strike and occupation by national TV journalists against right-wing political interference...