The Socialist

The Socialist 6 April 2001

It's their crisis: Make the bosses pay

It's Their Crisis - Make The Bosses Pay

End The Low Pay Scandal

George W reignites environmental anger

Tube strike shuts down London

NUS Left must build campaigning opposition

After the suits had gone....

Mexico: Zapatistas and the struggle for power

Socialist Party Wales prepare election challenge

Massive anti-nuclear protests in Germany


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The Socialist 6 April 2001, It's their crisis: Make the bosses pay

spotIt's Their Crisis - Make The Bosses Pay

Foot And Mouth Disease... Economic Recession...: AS TONY Blair dithered about the election date, like he dithered about how to deal with the foot and mouth crisis, the bill for the government's incompetence is slowly rising...

spotEnd The Low Pay Scandal

FOR MANY who voted for change in 1997, life under New Labour has been bitterly disappointing. Instead of fighting for ordinary working-class people, Blair, Brown and company have ingratiated themselves...

spotGeorge W reignites environmental anger

IN WHAT constitutes a major slap in the face, not to say a kick in the teeth, for the whole planet new US President George W Bush has rejected the Kyoto environment protocol, writes Guy Baker.

spotTube strike shuts down London

ON 29 March, London Underground was again brought to a halt by striking workers in the Aslef and RMT trade unions, writes Bill Johnson, London Underground worker.

spotNUS Left must build campaigning opposition

AT THE National Union of Students (NUS) annual conference last week, New Labour and their allies retained their grip on the leadership, writes Keiran Roberts.

spotAfter the suits had gone....

NORTHWICK PARK hospital, Harrow, has just completed a 3.9 million refurbishment to its accident and emergency department, writes Steve Harbord, UNISON rep, Kenton ambulance station.

spotMexico: Zapatistas and the struggle for power

MOUNTING EXCITEMENT gripped Mexico in early March as the 15-day "Zapatour" by 23 Zapatista (EZLN) comandantes and subcomandante Marcos made its way from Chiapas towards Mexico City...

spotSocialist Party Wales prepare election challenge

TWO MEMBERS of the Socialist Party in Wales are standing as candidates at the forthcoming general election...

spotMassive anti-nuclear protests in Germany

ONE MAJOR promise of the German SPD (Social Democratic Party) and the Green Party before coming to power in 1998 was to end nuclear power, writes Daniel Behruzi, Socialist Alternative - SAV, Berlin (CWI - Germany).