The Socialist

The Socialist 4 May 2001

A System Under Siege

Global capitalism: A System Under Siege

Class struggle makes a comeback

Police provocation resisted

Public Health Not Private Profit

Baby Bonds: Labour's election gimmick

1926 general strike: A showdown between the classes

Foot and mouth disease outbreak: Crisis On Tony's Big Business Farm

Japan: Koizumi's mission impossible


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The Socialist 4 May 2001, A System Under Siege

spotGlobal capitalism: A System Under Siege

MILLIONS OF people protested against capitalism worldwide on May Day. According to Tony Blair many did so in London because they wanted confrontation with the police and supported "spurious causes"...

spotClass struggle makes a comeback

What we think: TEN YEARS ago, after the Berlin Wall fell and Stalinist "Communism' collapsed the capitalist system's highly-paid commentators proclaimed the "end of history": the capitalist system was triumphant and class struggle was over...

spotPolice provocation resisted

HANNAH SELL, CHRIS MOORE and JOHN REID report from London's May Day anti-capitalist protests: ON ALL the demos there were many young people who'd never been on protests before. Probably over 10,000 people protested.

spotPublic Health Not Private Profit

Stop the fat cats making a killing out of health: AT A time when GPs are having to take action to protest about their workload, ROBIN CLAPP describes the state of hospital services in Bristol, a situation repeated throughout Britain...

spotBaby Bonds: Labour's election gimmick

NEW LABOUR have launched the big idea for its second term. Now we are to get "baby bonds". At an estimated annual cost of 480 million, the government will open a trust fund for new babies of 250 to...

spot1926 general strike: A showdown between the classes

IT IS 75 years since the general strike, when four million out of the five and a half million organised workers struck for nine days in May 1926...

spotFoot and mouth disease outbreak: Crisis On Tony's Big Business Farm

THE FOOT and mouth disease (FMD) outbreak that started on 2 February has caused a major political crisis...

spotJapan: Koizumi's mission impossible

AS JAPAN'S rulers struggle to extricate the economy from its decade-long morass, hopes have been placed in newly elected Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi...