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The Socialist 12 February 2002

'We're Fighting Back'

'We're Fighting Back'

1,000 at Strike Rally

Enron scandal: End Bosses' Rule

Solidarity And A Bold Leadership Needed

WEF Meeting: War, Exploitation, Famine

Middle East conflict: Sharon Out To Crush Palestinians

Free The Funds


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The Socialist 12 February 2002, 'We're Fighting Back'

spot'We're Fighting Back'

THOUSANDS OF workers have been on strike over the last few days to defend working conditions and to fight for a living wage

spot1,000 at Strike Rally

Members of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) went on strike on 28 and 29 January, to demand a safe working environment

spotEnron scandal: End Bosses' Rule

HOW DOES big business get influence with top politicians? After your firm's share prices soar by 1,700% in 16 years, your fortunes fade - how can you lie about your profits to keep those share prices

spotSolidarity And A Bold Leadership Needed

THE THREAT to sack striking train workers at South West Trains (SWT) by Brian Souter is the most serious development for trade unions in the last decade

spotWEF Meeting: War, Exploitation, Famine

THE WORLD Economic Forum (WEF) - the annual get-together of politicians and big business representatives - takes place this week in New York rather than its usual venue, Davos in Switzerland

spotMiddle East conflict: Sharon Out To Crush Palestinians

AFTER INTERCEPTING a ship carrying arms in the direction of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Israeli government forces have stepped up their brutal repression in the PA areas, writes Judy Beishon.

spotFree The Funds

AS TRADE union branches meet to discuss conference resolutions, the question of the relationship of the trade unions with New Labour will be discussed by many union members